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Welcome to Volume 56 of the Australian Journal of Education.

The Australian Journal of Education relies heavily on its Editorial Board and its team of Associate Editors, whose efforts are publicly acknowledged in every issue of the journal. This is my chance to recognise and thank all of those who have contributed significantly to the last two volumes of the AJE. My thanks go to the Editorial Board, the Associate Editors and to all the authors and book reviewers who have contributed over the past two volumes. Particular thanks go to Michelle Anderson, Helen Wildy, Bill Atweh and Parlo Singh, who played very significant roles by initiating and then serving as guest editors for two very important special issues of the journal.

Among those who would otherwise remain invisible are the host of individuals who have contributed reviews during this time. For their important contribution, my sincere thanks go to Joseph Abgenyega, John Ainley, Michelle Anderson, Sophie Arkoudis, Denise Beutel, Doug Clarke, Simon Clarke, Georgina Cox, Jaya Earnest, Daniel Edwards, Helen Forgasz, Jan Gray, Hugh Guthrie, John Hedberg, Yvonne Hodgson, Lawrence Ingvarson, Anne Jasman, Michelle Lonsdale, Gary Marks, Norman McCulla, Helen McGrath, Kathryn Moyle, Dawn Ng, John Ozolins, Shiralee Poed, Sarah Prout, Bridie Raban, Tim Roberts, Sheldon Rothman, Chris Ryan, Catherine Scott, Dick Selleck, Ravinder Sidhu, Laurence Splitter, Peter Sullivan, Harsh Suri, Wendy Sutherland-Smith, Tony Taylor, Georgina Tsolidis, Davis Watkins, Louise Watson, Gerry White, Simone White, Adam Wigley, Alan Williams and Chris Ziguras. …


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