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Academic journal article Science Scope


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adapted by TOPS Learning Systems from GREEN THUMBS: Corn & Beans #39


1. Firmly pack a small jar with moist potting soil. Plant a corn kernel and pinto bean 1 cm deep.

2. Rubber-band a pencil, point up, tightly to the jar.

3. Trim notebook paper along top and bottom lines. Fold in half lengthwise 4 times to make a striped pole. Secure with tape.

4. Number the lines as shown on the pole and on notebook paper. Slide the pole onto the pencil, setting 0 at soil level.

5. Draw your plants daily, matching the height on the pole to lines on your paper.

6. Cotyledons are "seed leaves" that sprout first. Look up monocot and dicot and tell how your plants fit these definitions.

2008 by TOPS Learning Systems. Photocopies permitted if this notice appears. All rights reserved.


To construct a pole planter that allows students to draw the daily growth of a corn and bean plant to scale To note the differences between monocots and dicots.


Make a photocopy of the activity above for each student or lab team. Step 1. Soli should be evenly moist, not soggy. Water as needed as plants grow. Step 5. Demonstrate drawing, If needed. F,x reference points at correct heights on ruled paper (top of plant, leaf tips, etc.) corresponding to Unes on the planter pole' Then fill In stems and leaves. …

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