Academic journal article Education

Strategic School Planning in Jordan

Academic journal article Education

Strategic School Planning in Jordan

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Theoretical literature:

The educational system is considered the most important and most dangerous in any society. We can say that the societies culture and development can be measured with what it presents of educational systems. Where the need of having educational systems had increased in order to achieve the excellence, workmanship and quality in the modern century, through investing the human resources, the available chances and knowledge as a strategic wealth, enhancing the ability of research and education with the speed rhythm that has become part of the twenty one century.

The fact that the strategic planning concepts in the educational system are suitable in the educational operation. Add to mention that the student's education and gaining the needed skills is considered a long term cumulative process. Thus training and qualifying the teachers in order to increase their efficiencies and performance average at school needs planning and executing through long periods of time. Which makes the strategic planning the ideal in schools where the strategic planning presents a curricula scientific method to manage the schools resource, by using long term planning that depends on the analytical activities related clearly with the vision owned by school, and the degree it visualizes the surrounding competing environment, the nature of the strategic curricula used in managing and executing the programs and the educational operations, the management operations in total and the services it present (Bryosn & Farnum, 2005).

AL-Qadi (2010) sees that lots of countries prefer the strategic planning to secure the good investment in education and providing the best methods to use the specialized material. For education has lots of importance describing it as mainstay in achieving the comprehensive development in society, that includes planning upon all the educational levels to reach to the strategic school planning, that aims to providing the essential criteria to measure the development degree and growth at the educational proves. Thus school strategic planning can enlarge its scope in visioning the future vision concerning the education and learning. And finding effective methods to diversify the educational resources and ability to predict the student of teaching and learning priorities. Work on providing a safe and effective school environment, inserting the development at the school curricula and teaching and learning methods, before all that work on developing the school management work and improve its services to cope with the continuous changing operations and the knowledge and technical explosion that is been witnessed by the current era (Al-Hariri, 2007).

The study results held in the Division of school improvement related to the Development of Education and Early Childhood Development at Melbourne city in Australia to the pivotal role played by the executive plans, projects and academic programs coming from the strategic planning in school in creating and enhancing a supported environment for education and creativity for students, and developing the continuous educational concepts for life, recently the results revealed Raising the value system and trends for students, in addition to contribute in developing and improving total of educational operations and administrative activates and the presented services (Department of Education, 2010).

One of the indicators concerned on the strategic planning importance at school, the study (Salazar, 2002) in USA, that aimed to acknowledge the professional development needs for high school directors in order to develop school management at the schools they work with. The study results have revealed the need to develop the strategic planning skills and training them as considering it an important introduction from school development management.

(Grumdahl,2010) made study on three schools in USA, that revealed the most important concepts that enabled the school in practicing the effective planning that worked on developing and enhancing student's education. …

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