Academic journal article Defense Counsel Journal

Reviewing the Law Reviews

Academic journal article Defense Counsel Journal

Reviewing the Law Reviews

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The following list is a selective bibliography of current law review literature thought to be of interest to civil defense counsel.

U.S. and International


Charles B. Anderson, Marine Pollution and the "Polluter Pays" Principle: Should the Polluter Also Pay Punitive Damages?, 43 J. MAR. L. & COM. 43 (2012).

Ronen Avraham and Zhiyong Liu, Private Information and the Option to Not Sue: A Reevaluation of Contract Remedies, 28 J.L. ECON. & ORG. 77 (2012).

Kevin P. Clark and Chris Vanderbeek, When Bodily Injury Limits are Stacked, Jurisprudential Consistency Topples, 36 S. ILL. U. L.J. 89 (2011).

Robin Kundis Craig, Legal Remedies for Deep Marine Oil Spills and Long-Term Ecological Resilience. A Match Made in Hell, 2011 BYU L. REV. 1863 (2011).

Mitchell L. Engler and Susan B. Heyman, The Missing Elements of Contract Damages, 84 TEMP. L. REV. 119 (2011).

Christopher C. French, Debunking the Myth That Insurance Coverage Is Not Available of Allowed for Intentional Torts of Damages, 8 HASTINGS BUS. L.J. 65 (2012).

Deborah E. Greenspan and Matthew A. Neuburger, Settle of Sue? The Use and Structure of Alternative Compensation Programs in the Mass Claims Context, 17 ROGER WILLIAMS U. L. REV. 97 (2012).

Valerie P. Hans and Valerie F. Reyna, To Dollars from Sense: Qualitative to Quantitative Translation in Jury Damage Awards, 8 J. EMPIRICAL LEGAL STUD. 120 (2011).

Vincent R. Johnson, Credit-Monitoring Damages in Cybersecurity Tort Litigation, 19 GEO. MASON L. REV. 113 (2011).

Lawrence I. Kiern, Liability, Compensation, and Financial Responsibility Under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990: A Review of the Second Decade, 36 TUL. MAR. L.J. 1 (2011).

Jill Wieber Lens, Procedural Due Process and Predictable Punitive Damage A wards, 2012 BYU L. REV. 1.

Patrick Luff, The Market Value Rule of Damages and the Death of Irreparable Injury, 59 CLEV. ST. L. REV. 361 (2011).

Amir Nezar, Note, Reconciling Punitive Damages with Tort Law's Normative Framework, 121 YALE L.J. 678 (2011).

William H. Owen, Racketeering and Workers' Compensation: Why RICO Trumps the Exclusive Remedy, 46 TORT TRIAL & INS. PRAC. L.J. 783 (2011).

Vernon Valentine Palmer, The Great Spill in the Gulf ... and a Sea of Pure Economic Loss: Reflections on the Boundaries of Civil Liability, 116 PENN ST. L. REV. 105 (2011).

Jeffrey A. Parness, State Damage Daps and Separation of Powers, 116 PENN ST. L. REV. 145 (2011).

James E. Pfander, Resolving the Qualified Immunity Dilemma: Constitutional Tort Claims for Nominal Damages, 111 COLUM. L. REV. 1601 (2011).

Jay D. Rao, A Forward Looking View of Future Harms: Liability for Future Harms Resulting from Mass Exposures, 36 OKLA. CITY U. L. REV. 375 (2011).

Amy J. Schmitz, Access to Consumer Remedies in the Squeaky Wheel System, 39 PEPP. L. REV. 279 (2012).

Christopher B. Seaman, Willful Patent Infringement and Enhanced Damages After In re Seagate: An Empirical Study, 97 IOWA L. …

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