Academic journal article Journal of Environmental Health

A Tribute to Our Peer Reviewers 2011-2012

Academic journal article Journal of Environmental Health

A Tribute to Our Peer Reviewers 2011-2012

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The Journal of Environmental Health thanks and honors the individuals listed below whose contributions as peer reviewers are paramount to the Journal's efforts to advance, advise, educate, and promote environmental health professionals. Their bounty of knowledge and experience is unsurpassed; their accomplishments and reputations in the field well respected. We sincerely appreciate their hard work and their devotion to the environmental health profession.

Gholamreza Asadollahfardi, MS, PhD

Tehran, Iran

Brad H. Baugh, PhD, RN, REHS/RS, RPIH

Nine Mile Falls, WA

Alan Becker, MPH, PhD

Tallahassee, FL

C. Thomas Bell, PhD, RS

Lebanon, OH

Mitchell Berger, MPH

Exton, PA

Dean Bodager, RS, DAAS, MPA

Orlando, FL

Craig Bowe, PhD

Freeport, Bahamas

Eric Bradley, CP-FS

Moline, IL

David Breeding, PhD, RS, CSP

college Station, TX

Donald Gary Brown, DrPH, CIH, RS

Richmond, KY

Don G. Brown, PhD

Edmonds, WA

Frank A. Brown, RS, MBA

Hillsboro, OR

Byron D. Chaves-Elizondo, MS

Central, SC

CAPT Richard F. Collins, MSEH, REHS, DAAS, USPHS

Atlanta, GA

John B. Conway, MS, MPH, PhD

Edmund, OK

Leisa Cook, MBA, RS

Albuquerque, NM

Chris J. Coutts, MPH, PhD

Tallahassee, FL

Tracynda Davis, MPH

Colorado Springs, CO

Ron de Burger, CPH, CPHI(C)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Maria Alzira Primenta Dinas, PhD

Porto, Portugal

James D. Dingman, MS, REHS, DLAAS

Northbrook, IL

Robert Emery, DrPH, CHP, CIH, CSP, RBP, CHMM, CPP, ARM

Houston, TX

Thomas R. Gonzales, MPH, REHS

Colorado Springs, CO

Harry E. Grenawitzke, Jr., RS, MPH, DAAS

Monroe, MI

Matthew Gribble

Baltimore, MD

Yi Guo, MSEH, PhD

Gainesville, FL

John J. Guzewich, RS, MPH

Albany, NY

Daikwon Han, PhD

College Station, TX

Xuesong Han, PhD

Chapel Hill, NC

Michael O. Harhay, MA, MPH

Philadelphia, PA

Timothy N. Hatch, MPH, REHS

Montgomery, AL

John S. Hausbeck, MS, RS

Madison, WI

Brian Wm. Higgins, JD, PE

Washington, DC

Michelle Homan, PhD

Erie, PA

Major Joseph J. Hout, MSPH, REHS, U.S. Army

Bethesda, MD

Li Huang, PhD

St. Louis, MO

Mohd Hasni Jaafar, MPH, MD

Cheras, Malaysia

Daniel E. Jacob

Uyo, Nigeria

Kimball E. Jones, MSPH, RS-E

Lake Forest Park, WA

Robert W. Jue, REHS

Boise, ID

Fahad F. Khan, MPH

Oklahoma city, OK

Jon W. Kindschy, REHS (ret.), RHSP

Riverside, CA

CDR Robert B. Knowles, MS, REHS, USPHS

Atlanta, GA

R. Steven Konkel, PhD, MCP, AICP, FRIPH

Anchorage, AK

Igor Koturbash, PhD, MD

Jefferson, AR

Keith L. Krinn, RS, MA, DAAS, CPHA

Columbus, OH

Kathiravan Krishnamurthy, PhD

Summit Argo, IL

Sharron LaFollette, PhD

Springfield, IL

Catherine LePrevost, PhD

Raleigh, NC

Scott T. LeRoy, MPH, MS, REHS/RS

Danbury, CT

Bettina Lewan, REHS

Mount Laurel, NJ

Xinrui Li, PhD

College Station, TX

Zhanbei Liang, PhD

Ada, OK

Maureen Y. …

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