Political Campaigns and Political Advertising: A Media Literacy Guide

Article excerpt

Frank W. Baker. Political Campaigns and Political Advertising: A Media Literacy Guide. Santa Barbara, CA: Greenwood Press, 2009.

This book is aimed at general readers who want added critical insight into propaganda and spin, political advertising, and the role of new media technologies in election campaigns. To provide such understanding, it offers a history of the media and politics timeline (1913-2008), clear definitions and examples of how various media operate, helpful charts and graphs, chapters on visual literacy (including photographs, radio, and television), a glossary of political and media terms, ample citations to back up the author's arguments which are free from obvious bias, and more.

Frank W. Baker, a media literacy expert and consultant, believes that it is important to possess a healthy skepticism when it comes to political campaigns and political advertising. Asking questions and critically analyzing political messages are vitally important pieces in this process. And so is an understanding of the "money problem" in elections, which the author covers in a separate chapter. …


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