Bi-National Palestine? (the Creation of a Palestinian State within Israel Would Jeopardize Jews' Security)

Article excerpt

Israel is rife with contradictions, and Nadim Rouhana (page 74) correctly calls attention to one of the most pressing: that Israel cannot claim democracy if it treats its Arab citizens as second-class. Indeed, Israel must go further in demonstrating respect for Palestinian national aspirations and the rights of individual Israeli Arabs, Bedouins, and Druze. Nevertheless, the freedoms and enfranchisement which Israel has extended to its non-Jewish minorities are unique in the Middle East and remarkable given the continued efforts of Israel's neighbors to destroy her. In how many Middle Eastern countries can a Jew stand up and criticize the government on national television?

Though it has been a slow and painful process, peace between Israel and the Palestinians is at hand. The formula for this peace--a formula adopted by an Israeli coalition that depended on Arab voters--is the establishment of a territorially sound Palestinian pseudo-state in the West Bank and Gaza. Israelis support this formula not only because it would end the oppressive occupation of Palestinian towns and villages but also because it would decrease the number of Arabs under Israeli control and better allow Israel to function as an ethnically Jewish state. …


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