Military Leadership in the 21st Century: Science and Practice

Article excerpt

MILITARY LEADERSHIP IN THE 21ST CENTURY: Science and Practice, Kim-Yin Chan, Star Soh, and Regena Ramaya, CENGAGE Learning Asia, Singapore, 2011, 257 pages, $65.50

LEADING IS FUNDAMENTAL to officership. Officers should be students of leadership throughout their career. Military Leadership in the 21st Century: Science and Practice was written as a textbook to provide Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) junior officers and other military institutions around the world an introductory-level appreciation of the key concepts related to military leadership. Retired SAF officers Kim-Yin Chan, Star Soh, and Regena Ramaya are psychologists specializing in military psychology and sociology who had the chance to learn from the doctrine and leadership development and education practices of armed forces in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Israel. Thus, Military Leadership transcends SAF approaches to leadership and is useful for any junior military leader who wants to understand the social sciences that underpin contemporary military leadership doctrine.

The authors explain fundamental leadership concepts such as stress, the psychology of human behavior in combat, motivation and morale, leadership styles and values, leading military teams in complex environments, and the profession of arms. …


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