Academic journal article Studies in Sociology of Science

The Cogitation on Innovative Talent Common Indicator System Based on Connotation Analysis

Academic journal article Studies in Sociology of Science

The Cogitation on Innovative Talent Common Indicator System Based on Connotation Analysis

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Innovative talent is a kind of the talent and qualified by the word "innovation". The author believe that the talent is the people who are prominent and performance significantly in one or some aspects and who mainly promote the contribution to the social development and progress in specific populations and fields of activities. The author also argue that the so-called innovation is the first unprecedented useful new thing for the problem solving and human development; it is not only the performance of personal traits in the course but also the behavioral outcomes in specific situations under pressure. As for what is innovative talent, the author advocates: the so-called innovative talent is the individual who has innovative thinking, outstanding ability and performance significantly in particular area and who can be the first one to create a number of unprecedented useful new things and who mainly promote the contribution to the problem solving and social development and progress compared to peripheral populations. The specific connotation includes as follows:

(1) The People Who Are Able to Create Innovative and Useful Things

When it comes to innovative talent, the primary and core meaning is the ability to create both new and useful things. These new, useful things can be both constructive and new concepts, new ideas, new theories, and they can also be novel and valuable things with the breakthrough of new technologies, new processes and new products.

(2) The People Who Can Be Creative in One or Some Aspects of Specific Areas

Because of the relative extension of human practice and the relative limitation of the individual practice, the innovative behavior of any individual or group is always confined to one or some areas. Besides, because of the rich connotations and diverse positions of some professional or vocational fields, the individual can usually do some innovation in one or some aspects.

(3) The People Who Are Much More Innovative than Peripheral People

Innovation and the innovative talent should both be a relative concept but not an absolute concept. In the meantime, for the most people, the relative crowd should be the people that work around rather than the entire country and the whole world.

(4) The People Who Has Innovative Thinking, Outstanding Ability and Significant Performance in Surrounding and Specific Population

The innovation of individual in the surrounding population is mainly reflected in the innovative thinking, outstanding ability and significant performance in the process of problem solving.

(5) The People Who Make a Larger Contribution to Problem Solving, Career Development and Even to the Social Progress

The author consider that in accordance with the difference of innovation quality and contribution, the innovation talent can be further break into three levels as top innovative talent, outstanding innovative talent and innovative talent. The top innovative talent has great high quality achievements and can be helpful to solve the fundamental problems and also promote the social progress and development enormously, then followed by the outstanding innovative talent and the innovative talent last.


(1) Overall Construction Ideas: Interpretation of Layers as "Connotation--Modules--Features-Indicator--Indicator System"

The essence of this idea is that the construction should be gradually extended from connotation to denotation. Therefore, it is to make a further modular decomposition of connotation as the first step, and extract the characteristics that could distinguish the different modules effectively afterwards, and then select some key points of the features as indicators, and next combine all the indicators into a complete index system, and try to illustrate the specific meanings of some indicators so as to form a complete index system ultimately. …

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