Academic journal article Studies in Sociology of Science

Study on the Interaction of Enterprise Technological Innovation and Regional Economic Development in China

Academic journal article Studies in Sociology of Science

Study on the Interaction of Enterprise Technological Innovation and Regional Economic Development in China

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Inextricably linked to the technological innovation and economic growth, technological innovation leading to economic growth, technological innovation process is the process of economic growth. Currently, humans are experiencing a global revolution in science and technology, the inexorable trend of technology is promoting rapid development of regional economy and society. 21st century is dominated by technology innovation. The new technological revolution with information technology, nanotechnology, biotechnology as the representative, are profoundly changing the traditional model of production organization, the economic and business. China will engage in direct competition with those technologies and economic strong countries in a vast area, larger scale, which required enterprises must actively promote technological innovation, to achieve the sustainable development of regional economy and society.


1.1 Technical Innovation to Promote the Economic Growth Mode Transformation

Technological innovation is the core factor of affecting the industrial upgrading and structure of conversion, there is no technical innovations, there is no industrial development, thus there is no sustainable economic growth, a country of high quality economic growth, is the process of technology innovation effects continue to play. Now, economic growth mode shift from extensive to intensive economic growth, improving the overall quality of the national economy, the most important measure is from develop strategies to specific policies, as well as micro-economic activities subject to a high degree of importance to the role of technological innovation in social and economic development and implement technology innovation-led development model, speed up the pace of science and technology into productivity, with minimal production factor inputs for maximum output, reducing reliance on natural resources and the destruction of the ecological environment, is a low-input and high output model of sustainable development.

1.2 Changes in Technology Innovation to Promote Regional Production

Technology innovation to create not only a wealth of material life for the mankind, but as a core and foundation of the advanced culture, also has created a rich legacy for humanity, changing the way of production, plays an important role for improving the economic competitiveness of the region. Last 30 years, production in developed countries has risen from "Ford system" to "post-Ford system," and became the main production model of traditional industries. After the 70's, there was a production mode of flexibility to meet the diverse needs of the people, this is the so-called flexible production, flexible production system in industrial activities of developed countries, gradually occupies a dominant position. After the 90's, United States put forward the "agile manufactory", quickly response to rapidly changing market needs and progress of market. Whether it be "flexible production" or "agile manufactory" all depend on technological innovation, requires businesses to quickly convert between different production, "agile manufactory" has become the enterprise main mode of 21st century.

1.3 Leading Industry in Regional Economic Development Needs Technical Innovation

Growth of leading industry in regional economic development has an important role, in the era of knowledge economy, leading industry in the regional economy is a collection of innovative technology companies. Technology innovation as a regional leading industry is increasingly become a focus of regional economic competition. Infiltration of technology innovation on regional leading industry, continuous improvement of production processes and production methods, and improving comprehensive productivity of the various elements, technical innovation has become the most direct power for the development of regional leading industry. …

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