24th Annual Cheikh Aanta Diop International Conference Re-Igniting the Pan-African Imperative: Fortifying a Consciousness of Victory October 12-13, 2012

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Holiday Inn, Historic District

Philadelphia, PA

Sponsored by the Diopian Institute for Scholarly Advancement

The historical narrative of African peoples' ongoing quest for a liberated and righteous world is characterized by its imperatives toward social justice and ensuring human dignity. The 2012 Cheikh Anta Diop International Conference welcomes scholars, activists, educators, and the community to contribute papers and to convene around the theme of reigniting a Pan-African vision and reasserting an African ethic to move beyond the rhetoric of (1) "the age of Obama" and (2) "the African Renaissance" as an effort to more precisely confront the many global challenges facing African people. This year's theme is a reminder that we achieve victory through the uncompromising processes of applying consciousness, engaging in activism, and inspiring behaviors that are consistent with the ethical principles that have guided our struggles. We encourage scholar-activists to translate this consciousness of victory into intellectual initiatives that will help transform the Pan-African world.

The Diopian Institute for Scholarly Advancement (DISA) is committed to utilizing scholarship in order to qualify and advance African agency at all levels. Each year, the Conference theme facilitates panels and papers on various aspects of African and African Diaspor a cultures, histories, thoughts and practices from within the Afrocentric intellectual framework. Outstanding books, articles, and other Afrocentric research initiatives are recognized each year at the Awards Luncheon.

In line with the theme of this year's conference we are inviting papers and presentations that address the following topics:

* Unearthing Sankofa in the Age of Obama--Assessments and Critiques of History, Public Policy, Foreign Strategy, and Domestic Social Justice

* "Occupy Africanity"--Achievements of and Challenges to Africanity and the Legacy of Black Activism, Advocacy and Direct Action Engagement

* The Rhetoric and Political Distractions of "African Renaissance" Discourse

* The African Critique of Constricted Societies--The Meaning of and Public Responses to New Technologies and Contemporary Social Controls

* The Role of African Culture in the Political and Economic Movements for African Liberation

* The Afrocentric Paradigm as Restorative Discourse and the African Intelligentsia

* Early and Recent Histories of the Re-Colonization of African Peoples and Lands

* Advancing Pan-African Ideals in Contemporary Black Expressive Cultural productions

* The Asantian Literature and the state of African Cultural Identity Studies

* Pan-Africanism as a Pedagogical Tool for African Liberation in the K-12 Curriculum

Requirements for Abstracts: 100 words limit; name, affiliation, academic title, email address; paper title, thesis and methodology. Please send via email as a Microsoft Word attachment; and please indicate if you need an LCD projector. Abstracts are due August 1, 2012:

Diopian Institute for Scholarly Advancement

P.O. Box 1156

El Cajon, CA 92022


Notification of paper acceptance will be sent August 31, 2012.

Unearthing Sankofa in the Age of Obama--Assessments and Critiques of History, Public Policy, Foreign Strategy, and Domestic Social Justice

An Afrocentric assessment of the Sankofa paradigm and contemporary issues for African Descended Peoples; applying the "Return to the Source and bring to the future" principal; evaluating the importance of "learning from the past" to the ethics and relevance of the Age of Obama and the African world experience. …


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