Academic journal article Indian Journal of Psychiatry

Allure of Dice

Academic journal article Indian Journal of Psychiatry

Allure of Dice

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Byline: Sanju. George

This poem paints the picture of a gambling addict who narrates his story in the course of a psychiatric consultation.

Dad gambled

He lost, he lost

His life ruined, chasing the Win

Didn't live to see one

Drowned in debt, doomed to melancholy

He went early, or did he?

For he left me hooked, left a fractured home

Lost my teens in arcades, in pubs

Small stakes to start, soon sunk deep

Casinos, online and racetracks it were to be

Higher and higher stakes

I risked all; gambling's allure, beyond all senses

It seizes like no drug, drink, or sex

A grip so firm, you at its mercy

Yet the rush a win brings

Overrides all the lows, before and after

A vice, some say

A violent lover, I say

Love her or hate her

Can't part ways

For we are meant to be

Come night, I dream of cards, dice, and roulette

Come morning, crave my first fix

Win or lose, never home before midnight

I lost all

Yet like a moth to flame, I drift

I know I should quit, but can't

What more is there to lose?

One big win and I'll quit

It's so near, I see it.


1. Kumar PNS, Antony B, Chakravarthy A, Kunhikoyamu AM. Plica neuropathica (polonica) in schizophrenia - A case report and review of literature. …

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