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Israel's Palestinians: The Conflict Within

Academic journal article Military Review

Israel's Palestinians: The Conflict Within

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The Conflict Within, Ilan Peleg and Dov Waxman, Cambridge University Press

New York, 2011, 272 pages $27.99

ISRAEL'S PALESTINIANS REVEALS that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is both simple to understand and deeply complex. At the center, the Israelis believe they are entitled to the land known as Israel, while the Palestinians believe they are entitled to the land they call Palestine. Unfortunately, both sides claim the same land, and religious Jewish Israelis and religious Muslim Palestinians believe that God, gave them the land, and that to give it up to another people is an insult to God and a sin.

The crux of the book Israel's Palestinians centers on this quote: "[The Palestinians] suffer from numerous inequities, tacit discrimination, government neglect, and social prejudice. They are largely excluded from the country's public life, they have not been integrated socially or economically, and they are generally treated with suspicion by the state and by Israeli Jewish society. As such, collectively, Arabs are very much second-class citizens in Israel."

Ilan Peleg and Dov Waxman provide large amounts of information, with a great deal of detail, primarily about the period from 1948 to 2010. The focus of their argument is that the Jewishness of Israel has been maintained more forcefully than its democratic character. They go on to suggest policies that will allow Israel to maintain much of its Jewish culture within the government, but be more protective of all citizens' rights, not just the Jewish citizens. In Chapter 7, the authors disclose 10 policies to enhance the rights of Palestinians in Israel and freely admit how difficult many would be to implement. …

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