World Literature in Spanish: An Encyclopedia

Article excerpt

World Literature in Spanish: An Encyclopedia. Ed. By Maureen Ihrie and Salvador A. Oropesa. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2011. 3 vols. Acid free $350 (ISBN 978-0-313-33770-3). E-book available (978-0-313-08083-8), call for pricing.

This new reference encyclopedia provides 848 articles on literatures from around the world produced in the Spanish language. The work uses language, rather than nation-state, other political entity or geography, as the basis for the subjects covered. All genres of literature are treated in the work, including fiction, poetry, theater, documentary, and testimonial literature, as well as writings on history, philosophy, music, film, media and popular culture, political protest, revolution and war, exploration, and travel. Themes in literature are covered, including modernism, postmodernism, realism, social realism, surrealism, costumbrismo, romanticism, eroticism, feminism, identity, the avant-garde, and many more. Articles also address the literature of groups including Afro-Hispanics, Chicanos, Cuban-Americans and other Latinos in the United States, exiles, indigenous peoples, gays and lesbians, literature for children, and the Islamic and Judeo heritage in Spanish literature, as well as the literatures of all of the countries in the Spanish-speaking world today. In terms of periods covered, the work provides a solid overview of the Spanish literature of past centuries (the baroque, the Golden Age, colonialism, discovery and conquest), while maintaining an emphasis on modern literatures from the twentieth century to the present. A substantial portion of the text is devoted to individual articles on important writers for all periods and countries.

The work is intended for non-specialists in the study of literature and language, and articles are intentionally free of the jargon and special vocabulary of literary criticism. Bibliographies accompanying articles emphasize works available in English as well as Spanish. …


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