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Try This Tops Idea!

Academic journal article Science Scope

Try This Tops Idea!

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sneaky algebra

... adapted by TOPS Learning Systems from our GET A CRIP WORKSTATION #73

1. Solve those puzzles by experimenting with lentils: Fill a container fair and full ant) start pouring! Pour carefully to get accurate results.

2. Write your solutions as English sentences For example:

A plus B holds more than C. Or write as algebra. Sec how easy: A + B > C

Think of ">" as a hungry alligator chasing the bigger lunch.

[c] 2008 by TOPS Learning Systems. Photocopies permitted if this notice appears. All rights reserved.


To compare volumes. To express conclusions in terms of algebraic relationships.


* Copy the activity for students or lab teams. Or set up a workstation in a corner for individual use.

* Recycle small (2V2OZ), medium (4oz) and large (6 oz) Getter brand baby food jars, marketed as 1st, 2nd and 3rd Foods. Boldly label these A, B, and C from small to large. Apply and cover labels with clear pack?aging tape. (Freely substitute pill vials, bottles, tins, or other containers with similar size relationships.)

* Set up a "job box' or tub with about 2 inches of lentils in the bottom. Ideally it should have a seamless bottom and the capacity of a small washbasin, perhaps 2 square feet and 4 inches high to accommodate en? …

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