Academic journal article Studies in Sociology of Science

The Development of Jingdezhen in the View of Cultural Innovation

Academic journal article Studies in Sociology of Science

The Development of Jingdezhen in the View of Cultural Innovation

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Culture is the identity of a nation, the blood vessel for continual development of a nation. The seventeenth session of the Communist Party of China held in Beijing in October 2011, the Sixth Plenary Session passed the "CPC Central Committee decision" to deepen cultural restructuring, and promote socialist cultural development and prosperity of a number of major issues of scientific profiles and profoundly expounded the road of socialist cultural development, to deepen cultural restructuring and promoting the development of prosperity of socialist culture, and efforts to build a socialist culture power. The Chinese nation has a brilliant culture of the thousands of years, which is the pride of the Chinese nation, and also a valuable asset of national development. It can not only maintain the self-esteem and self-confidence of a country, but also is an important force to push forward the economic growth of a nation. Cultural industries and creative economy will be an important pillar of the economic development of mankind in the 21st century.

Jingdezhen, one of China's first batch historical and cultural cities, is the representative of world-famous handicraft industry relying on ceramics. During the course of porcelain development of the more than 1,700 years, Jingdezhen has created the miracle of the development of cultural industries, and Jingdezhen porcelain has become a brand on behalf of the world of fine porcelain. The upper echelons of many European countries consider owning the Jingdezhen production of porcelain as a symbol of an honor and identity, In modern times, due to the influence of various factors, Jingdezhen Porcelain production goes into a predicament. In 2009, Jingdezhen City, the second batch as a national resource-exhausted city, again, witnesses the pressure of the development. How to promote the Jingdezhen Porcelain development and the city prosperity is an issue. The paper aims to expound the sustainable development of Jingdezhen Porcelain from the perspective of cultural innovation.


Jingdezhen is the birthplace of the world's ceramic production, but also a symbol of the ceramics production throughout the world. In terms of Jingdezhen, there are three levels of meaning: First, Porcelain production under the geographical perspective; Second, Jingdezhen Porcelain production under the space-time mode in the development of thousands of years, Jingdezhen formed a deep historical heritage and Porcelain production advantages; Third, under the brand perspective, through the development of the thousands of years, Jingdezhen has become the most representative of China and the world Porcelain brand. The brand is also the most historic and valuable wealth of Jingdezhen Porcelain development. These are advantages of Jingdezhen Porcelain. But it is undeniable that the brand of abuse of Jingdezhen Porcelain will bring about an immeasurable loss. The renaissance of Porcelain and the development of cultural and creative industries need to make full use of these strengths to get rid of adverse factors to make the solid ceramic cultural heritage of Jingdezhen become source and favorable factors of cultural and creative development.

Geography from the Perspective of Jingdezhen

The northeast of Jingdezhen is located in Jiangxi province, in the east longitude 116[degrees]57' 117[degrees]42', latitude 28[degrees]44' 29 [degrees]56', and between the situation on the Anhui province Wuyuan, Xiuning and Dexing, south to Wanjian, Yiyang, west to Poyang, north and northeast to Qimen Anhui, Located in Huangshan, the Huaiyushan Mountains and the Poyang Lake Plain transition zone, is a typical southern red soil hilly region. Jingdezhen is 249 kilometers from the provincial capital city of Jiangxi Province, Nanchang, 140 kilometers from Jiujiang, 302 km from the coastline.

Compared with other cities, Jingdezhen has advantageous conditions. …

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