Academic journal article Nathaniel Hawthorne Review

Fugitive Periodical Printings of Nathaniel Hawthorne

Academic journal article Nathaniel Hawthorne Review

Fugitive Periodical Printings of Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Listed below are reprintings of Nathaniel Hawthorne's work in newspapers and periodicals during his lifetime and in the first decades of the twentieth century. Combined with the information on printings and reprintings provided in C. E. Frazer Clark, Jr.'s Nathaniel Hawthorne: A Descriptive Bibliography (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1978), they offer useful data on Hawthorne's literary reputation beginning in the early 1830s. Items are listed under four rubrics: "Stories, Tales, Sketches," "Non-fiction," "Abridgements, Condensations," and "Quotations." Besides the main lists of stories, sketches, essays and poems reprinted, two final lists include: (1) published condensations of Hawthorne's novels (usually no longer than a page), and (2) self-standing quotations or excerpts. Several search engines, namely "America's Historical Newspapers," "American Periodical Series,"" and "ProQuest"s Historical Newspapers," were used in compiling this information.

Although it would be unwise to make too much of the tabulations for each story or sketch, it is interesting that some of the tales that have long been considered to be among Hawthorne's most important were rather infrequently reprinted--"Young Goodman Brown" (1 reprint), "Egotism; or, The Bosom-Serpent" (3), "Drowne's Wooden Image" (3), "The Birthmark" (3), and "The Minister's Black Veil" (5). The most frequently reprinted tales, on the other hand, give some indication of the taste of Hawthorne's contemporary readers. The list includes, in ascending order, "Ethan Brand" (10), "A Rill from the Town-Pump" (13), "John Inglefield's Thanksgiving" (published pseudonymously) and "The Pine-Tree Shillings" (both at 14), "The Shaker Burial" (attributed at first to "Mrs. Sedgwick") (15), "David Swan" (18), and "The Wives of the Dead" (20). Such vintage Hawthorne tales as "The Artist of the Beautiful," "Roger Malvin's Burial," "Wakefield," and "Rappaccini's Daughter" do not make the list at all. The novelty of discovering a new tale by Hawthorne as late as 1900 accounts for the 7 reprints of "The Ghost of Dr. Harris." Five of the reprints of "The Celestial Rail-road"" were by religious publications.

Stories, Tales, Sketches

"An Old Woman's Tale" (1830) New Haven Evening Register (Connecticut) (Sept. 13, 1884), p. 3.

"My Kinsman, Major Molineux" (1832) Daily Evening Bulletin (San Francisco, California) (May 20, 1876), Supplement, p. 1.

"The Two Widows" ["The Wives of the Dead"] (1832) Sun (Baltimore, Maryland) (Aug. 23, 1843), p. 1. Pittsfield Sun (Massachusetts) (Sept. 7, 1843), p. 1 Vermont Phoenix (Brattleboro) (Sept. 15, 1843), pp. 1-2. Rover (New York, New York) (Jan. 25, 1845), pp. 301-04. Barre Patriot (Massachusetts) (Jan. 29, 1847), p. 1. Hartford Daily Courant (Connecticut) (Sept. 30, 1847), p. 2. Supplement to the Courant (Hartford, Connecticut) (Oct. 9, 1847), pp. 156-57. Northern Standard (Clarksville, Texas) (June 15, 1850), p. 1. Barre Patriot (Massachusetts) (Jan. 9, 1852), p. 1. Pennsylvania Freeman (Philadelphia) (Apr. 1, 1852), p. 56. Albany Journal (New York) (Apr. 10, 1852), p. 4. Portsmouth Journal (New Hampshire) (Apr. 17, 1852), p. 1. Semi-Weekly Eagle (Brattleboro, Vermont) (Apr. 29, 1852), p. 1. Kalamazoo Gazette (Michigan) (May 7, 1852), p. 1. Barre Gazette (Massachusetts) (July 30, 1852), p. 1. Norfolk Democrat (Dedham, Massachusetts (May 26, 1854), p. 1. Albany Journal (New York) (May 27, 1854), p. 4. Boston Saturday Evening Gazette (Massachusetts) (July 31, 1858), p. 1. Duluth Minnesotian (Jan. 17, 1874), p. 4. Daily Evening Bulletin (San Francisco, California) (May 13, 1876), Supplement, p. 1.

"The Canterbury Pilgrims" (1833) The Emancipator (New York, New York) (Sept. 17, 1840), p. 84. New-Bedford Register (Massachusetts) (Mar. 30, 1842), p. 4. Newport Mercury (Rhode Island) (May 28, 1842), pp. 1-2. New-Hampshire Patriot (Concord) (Feb. 4, 1852), p. 4.

"Mr. Higginbotham's Catastrophe" (1834) Essex Gazette (Haverhill, Massachusetts) (Aug. …

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