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Too Many Balls in the Air

Academic journal article ABA Banking Journal

Too Many Balls in the Air

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Juggling is not exactly a standout form of entertainment these days. Popular appeal probably peaked around the time of Shakespeare.

Owen Morse and John Wee--both "Master Jugglers"--admit that to most people juggling is a yawner. And yet their act--The Passing Zone--is very successful.

Recently the pair juggled in front of 300 bankers at Deluxe Corp.'s Expo 2013 conference at 8:30 in the morning. In an interesting twist, they came back on stage at the end of the day to be interviewed by a Deluxe executive. He asked Morse and Wee how they overcame people's lukewarm attitude to juggling. Morse responded that people think they know what to expect from a couple of jugglers, "and it's our job to give them something different."

They do this through a mix of rapid-fire comedy and the unexpected--juggling bowling balls, machetes, and rat traps!

"We have to constantly work to keep the act fresh," said Wee, always playing off the audience's reaction (or lack of it).

They say you can learn something from any situation. So here are three things to learn from a couple of jugglers:

* Remember your public. Entertainers live and die by audience reaction. But in reality every business is an "act," and must please its "audience"--customers--or it will flop. Staying fresh from a bank's point of view can involve many things--products, branch appearance, and--most important--employee attitude.

* Change directions from time to time as the nature of business dictates. The Passing Zone, for example, shifted along the way from appearing primarily at entertainment venues to doing corporate events. …

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