Survey of Information Technology in the Libraries of Tabriz University

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Universities have research as a mission and have strengthened this mission by establishing libraries and information centers. Academic libraries are organized to serve students and faculty as well as to increase the results of research and teaching. With the introduction of computers, libraries have provided significantly easier access to the information and use of materials for the students (Neshat). Information technology helps academic libraries to perform their responsibility faster and thus helps the academic progress carry on smoother.

A great deal of research have been carried out on information technology through works of Davarpanah (2001), Azimi Khabazian (2007), Mohsenzadeh (2009), Imanikia (2008), Engstrom (2001), Rao and Ramana (2003), and Petrauskiene (2007), and it is evidence for its importance. Employment of the modern technology in current libraries comprises public services and technical services. Information technology has used computer system, scanners, modems, fax and Internet as far as technical services are concerned in libraries. However, public services employ computer programs that provide Internet services such as E-mail, selective dissemination of information (SDI), current awareness services (CAS), on line public access catalog (OPAC) along with electronic bulletin board.

Tabriz is amongst one of the industrial cities in Iran with substantial role in developing economy and technology in Iran. Thus, the University of Tabriz has been of significant importance in the region. The university has founded in 1947 and it boasts up to 11,000 students and laboratories, museum, and research centers.

Due to the importance of information technology and its effect on the libraries this study is aiming at finding out using rate of information technology in libraries of Tabriz University and what the problems are in using them.


The main concern of our study is to quantify the use of information technology in libraries of Tabriz University as well as specifying the problems in this regard thus. The following questions are found to be of central importance in this paper:

1. How is hardware and software application in libraries of Tabriz University

2. How is the use of information networks in libraries of Tabriz University

3. How is the level of using information services in libraries of Tabriz University

4. How are the services provided through university electronic catalogues

5. What are the obstacles and problems in utilizing information technology in libraries of Tabriz University

Research Background

A great deal of study has been carried out of the use of information technology in libraries. In this arena Librarian and user's stance concerning the use of information technology, the efficiencies of such technologies, the means of conducting such technologies and the way to deal with information technology has been studied.

A positive attitude by libraries has an influence on use of information technology. Farhadi (1999) assessed positive view of librarians in his research although he believes that information technology poses some troubles for librarians, however, most of the librarians have positive position towards that.

Information technology is considered an inseparable part of any library throughout the world. Understanding the advantages help utilizing more information technology in libraries and institutions. Nakhoda believes that use of the information technology in libraries and institutions leads to enhanced effectiveness in libraries and as a result more practical benefits follows such institutions.

Rao and Ramana (2003) believe that implementation of IT lead to quicker fulfillments within library and more effective services follows thus it greatly improve the potential of services, in his research he pointed out that the Indian libraries are actively involved in IT by which they offer information to their users. …


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