Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

Content Analysis of Journal Literature Published from UK and USA

Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

Content Analysis of Journal Literature Published from UK and USA

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Published literature of a discipline such as journal articles, trade publications, monographs, conference proceedings etc. present the knowledge base of a given discipline and reflect the discipline's history, trends, research norms, and social structures of communication among scholars. By analyzing published record of the discipline much can be learned about a discipline itself. Mittermeyer and Houser (1979) argue that "the literature of a discipline is or becomes the discipline itself". Windsor and Windsor (1973) said that "the knowledge bank of any field is its published literature". Similarly, Feehan et al. (1984) pointed out that "the subjects concerns of a discipline are nowhere better reflected than in its research literature". Like many other fields, most research in library and information science is published as journal literature.

Journals form the backbone of research activities. They provide a platform for the communication of ideas, the exchange of experience and the transmission of current information. Their regular and usually frequent publication ensures that material contained between their covers is almost invariably more up-to-date than that contained in book form. Journals in library and information science also, as is the case in other professions are important instruments for communicating new discoveries; theories or opinions formed by researchers to others. They are intended to be the major vehicles for publication of papers on the theory and practice of a discipline and are thus supposed to be the principal means of prompt communication of the results of significant research finding in a particular field (Anand, 1991). LIS journals help in achieving life-long literacy and professional education. They are the main sources of professional education, which helps us in exchange of ideas and work as formal channels of communication. They reach out to more people across the world. In the present study the content of journal literature published in the field of library and information science was analyzed in order to have understanding of the current status of research in the field and in order to identify the major fields on which the work has been done and also to find out the subjects which are not worked upon in library and information science.

Purpose of the Study

Most professions evaluate their literature from time to time in order to ascertain the special trends prevailing in the professional literature. In the case of the literature of library and information science not many efforts have been made to systematically analyze and evaluate the essential nature of the literature, considering the rate at which the literature is growing today. It is vital to conduct analysis of journal literature in order to understand the true nature of the present state of library profession. The emergence of the concept of evidence based librarianship (EBL) has also put stress on producing and identifying evidence that librarians can use to inform their professionals practice and support their library services and positions, thereby furthering the profession. (Koufogiannakis et al., 2004)

Thus the purpose of this study was to determine the percentage of research papers versus non-research articles published in LIS; to examine the subject distribution of articles in selected LIS journals and to find out the impact of ICT on LIS subject fields. The findings of study hopes to present a better understanding of the type of articles, current trends in the choice of subjects, being adopted in the journal literature published from UK and USA. The quantitative analysis which was carried out will serve to authenticate the findings.

Review of Literature

The growing maturity of librarianship is revealed in great deal by library and information science literature that is being published today. The journal literature in the field of librarianship has been viewed and analyzed by authors from various angles. …

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