Follow the Microchip Road: The Santa Clara Computer & High Technology Law Journal's Journey Continues

Article excerpt

On behalf of Volume 29 of the Board of Editors of the Santa Clara Computer & High Technology Law Journal, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to our readers, contributors, and supporters. This issue marks the closing of an era of almost thirty years of high quality work, tireless student commitment, and insightful discourse. With this close comes the dawning of a new era, built on a strong foundation of years' past, and facing a bright future of innovation ahead.

Over the last few years, one of the journal's top priorities has been to make our content more accessible to the legal community. Making technological strides in the delivery of our content allows us to grow into a more readable, citable, and notable journal. Last year, our journal shifted to electronic publishing through the Digital Commons platform, (1) and our peers are noticing. Achieving No. 2 status on Google Scholar (2) is just the beginning of what's sure to include many more accolades as a result of our innovative approach to disseminating legal content in the high technology field. Further, we are exploring new ways to disseminate our content in an ever-changing publishing market, in order to make the Santa Clara Computer & High Technology Law Journal accessible at all times and on all devices. In today's busy world, we understand the importance of being able to efficiently read an article and obtain information from it. Thus, we are working to make sure that practitioners, judges, and academics alike can easily access and engage with our content.

In addition to excellence in publication, Volume 29 upheld the tradition of providing a forum for intellectual discourse amongst practitioners, academics, and students alike through its annual symposium. This past year, Volume 29's annual symposium titled The Mobile Revolution: The Legal Ramifications of Spontaneity and Flexibility (3) brought together notable scholars from around the world to discuss a variety of pressing intellectual property legal issues related to the advent of mobile technology innovation and use in our world. …


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