Academic journal article Human Ecology

Fruitful Fellowship

Academic journal article Human Ecology

Fruitful Fellowship

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1992 Kathleen Babbitt, "Social Reform in the Countryside: Rural Women and Cooperative Extension Home Economists in New York State, 1870-1940."

1992 Julia Grant, "Modernizing Motherhood: Child Study Clubs and the Parent Education Movement, 1915-1940."

1993 Nancy Berlage, "Professionals and Agricultural Change: Home Economists and Home Demonstration Work in Rural New York, 1910-1930."

1993 Mary Summers, "Rethinking Interest Group Politics: The Making of the United States Department of Agriculture."

1994 Carolyn Goldstein, "Mediating Consumption: Home Economics and American Consumers, 1900-1940."

1995 Janet Hutchison, "Home Economists and Better Homes During the Interwar Period."

1996 Karen Stupski, "The Role of the Laboratory in the Home Economics Movement, 1900-1930."

1997 Bruce Pietrykowski, "Home Economics and Homo Economicus: The Creation and Diffusion of Diverse Sources of Economic Knowledge in the 20th Century."

1998 Amy Bentley, "Behind the Gerber Baby: A Cultural History of Solid Infant Food and Feeding Practices."

1999 No fellowship awarded.

2000 Kathy Cooke, "Non-Sense and Anti-Sentimentality: Home Economics, Euthenics, and the 'Threat' to Race Betterment Efforts in America."

2001 Megan Elias, "Stir It Up: The Home Economics Movement in Higher Education, 1900-1950. …

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