Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

Use of Internet by the Researchers of Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izzatnagar, Bareilly: A Survey

Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

Use of Internet by the Researchers of Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izzatnagar, Bareilly: A Survey

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Information is regarded as vital resource and an invaluable commodity in modern times. The right information available to the right person at the right time in the aim of any modern library. Developments in computer, communication and information access technologies are bringing revolutionary changes in the modes and methods of information storage, retrieval and transmission. In olden days the function of the libraries were merely the collection and preservation of the documents, but in the 21st century the books are not our means of the preservation but also for the dissemination of the information continued of them. Now - a- days most of the functions carried out the libraries have been modernized with new technology. The national policy on education has also emphasized the need for a better library service in the time to come. In this connection libraries play an important role for the promotion of education and research with the advent. Internet and advancement of information technology it becomes possible to have the access to various information sources and databases available in different parts of the world.

Technology has facilitated to share the information at global, regional and local levels. In the recent In the beginning of the internet, the main users were researchers and scientists who utilizing to fulfill their information needs. In the later stage the internet has emerged as an important source for different types of information users. Internet has becomes more popular for dissemination of information for its differents features like WWW. E -mail, Telnet, FTP etc. Some of the outstanding and valuable resources are also freely available on the internet. It has opportunity to share the resources by the individuals and organization. The people are using internet for commerce, education, information, entertainment and for many other purposes. Internet has a huge collection of information sources, which covers many fields. There are about an billions i.e., 1000 million unique URL's or 'web pages' which are accessible through the internet. The internet has be come an indispensable tool for the dissemination of information.

Today the impact of information technology has changed our daily life. We used various electronic medium to know the information. These medium are internet, internet, www, CD-Rom, multimedia, audio-video tapes, etc. These medium play an important role for e-searching is one such type of technology which provide the online searching programs or searching resources are provided through electronically and the searching material are available in computer in the various forms.

Information year's word wide web is the greatest factor in changing the society and emerged as the core foundation of the information infrastructure. Internet is the host of a lot of scholarly information and provides a global network environment for publishing and access to information. There are various factors that need to be considered while making the provision of accessing these e-resources. The developments in the web technology have paved the way to display the contents on the desktop. The searching and retrieval of the e-resources also have taken the state of the art of the techniques available.

Today, the internet plays a vital role in the teaching, research and learning process. It is assumed in bareilly feel more dependent of the internet for their research work and for the latest information of their subject areas then conventional resources of information veterinary scientist also feel a bit handicapped in updating their knowledge base quickly without using the internet for their dissertation is based on a survey give to scientists and researcher of Indian Veterinary Research Institute Izzatnagar, Bareilly.

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