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Conference on the Economics of Aging

Academic journal article NBER Reporter

Conference on the Economics of Aging

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An NBER Conference on the Economics of Aging, organized by David Wise of NBER and Harvard University, took place on May 10 and 11 in Arizona. These papers were discussed:

* Angus Deaton, Princeton University and NBER, and Arthur Stone, Stony Brook University, "Grandpa and the Snapper: the Well-Being of the Elderly Who Live with Children"

* James Poterba, MIT and NBER; Steven Venti, Dartmouth College and NBER; and David Wise, "The Nexus of Social Security Benefits, Health, and Wealth at Death" (NBER Working Paper No. 18658)

* David Cutler, Harvard University and NBER, Kaushik Ghosh, NBER; and Mary Beth Landrum, Harvard School of Public Health, "Evidence for Significant Compression of Morbidity in the Elderly U.S. Population"

* James Banks and Elaine Kelly, Institute for Fiscal Studies, and James Smith, RAND Corporation, "Spousal Health Effects: the Role of Selection"

* Michael Hurd, RAND Corporation and NBER, and Pierre Carl Michaud and Susann Rohwedder, RAND Corporation, "The Lifetime Risk of Nursing Home Use"

* Arie Kapteyn and Erik Meijer, University of Southern California, "A Comparison of Different Measures of Health and their Relation to Labor Force Transitions at Older Ages"

* Amitabh Chandra, Harvard University and NBER; David Malenka, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center; and Jonathan Skinner, Dartmouth College and NBER, "On the Diffusion of Drug-Eluting Stents"

* Florian Heiss, University of Mainz; Daniel McFadden, University of California, Berkeley and NBER; Till Stowasser, Wurzburg; and Joachim Winter, University of Munich, "Understanding the SES Gradient in Health Among the Elderly: The Role of Childhood Circumstances"

* John Beshears, Stanford University and NBER; James Choi, Yale University and NBER; David Laibson, Harvard University and NBER; and Brigitte Madrian, Harvard University and NBER, "Who Uses the Roth 401(k), and How Do They Use It? …

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