Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Doctoral Dissertations

Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Doctoral Dissertations

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University of Alberta (38) (38) (13)

ANGELA THACHUK, "The Politics of Coming Out: Stigma and Biomedical Models of Mental Disorder." Adviser: Cressida Heyes.

University of Arizona (52) (52) (26)

ADAM ARICO, "The New Folk Psychology." Adviser: Shaun B. Nichols.

IAN C. EVANS, "Accepting It." Adviser: Stewart M. Cohen.

BENJAMIN P. KOZUCH, "Merging the Philosophical and Scientific Studies of Consciousness." Adviser: Uriah Kriegel.

THERESA L. LOPEZ, "The Moral Mind: Emotion, Evolution, and the Case for Skepticism." Adviser: Mark C. Timmons.

JENNIFER L. ZAMZOW, "Moral Decision Making: How the Normative and Empirical Can Inform Our Prescriptive Accounts." Adviser: Shaun B. Nichols.

WILLIAM BRAYNEN, "Beyond Price Signaling." Adviser: Thomas D. Christiano. Awarded in 2011-2012.

JACOB N. CATON, "Models of Knowledge for Resource Bounded Agents." Adviser: Stewart M. Cohen. Awarded in 2011-2012.

BRIAN FIALA, "Explaining the Explanatory Gap." Adviser: Terence Horgan. Awarded in 2011-2012.

LAURA M. HOWARD, "Moral Domain Expertise and the Complement Model: The Marriage of Virtue Ethics and Situationism for Business Ethics Programs." Adviser: Michael B. Gill. Awarded in 2011-2012.

EMIL SALIM, "Four Puzzles on Aristotelian Pleasures and Pains." Adviser: Julia Annas. Awarded in 2011-2012.

DANIEL SILVERMINT, "Oppression and Victim Agency." Adviser: David Schmidtz. Awarded in 2011-2012.

WILLIAM NATHAN BALLANTYNE, "Why We Disagree and Why It Matters." Adviser: Stewart M. Cohen. Awarded in 2010-2011.

HELEN DALY, "Vagueness and Borderline Cases." Advisers: Terence Horgan and Shaughan Lavine. Awarded in 2010-2011.

STEPHEN LENHART, "Cognitive Diversity and Scientific Progress." Adviser: Richard Healy. Awarded in 2010-2011.

JASON MATTESON, "On Ethical Thoughtfulness." Adviser: Thomas D. Christiano. Awarded in 2010-2011.

STEVEN C. MITCHELL, "Against Metaethical Descriptivism: The Semantic Problem." Adviser: Mark Timmons. Awarded in 2010-2011.

ANNE STEADMAN, "The Immediacy of Phenomenal and Immediate Implications for Physicalism." Adviser: Terence Horgan and Uriah Kriegel. Awarded in 2010-2011.

ORLIN VAKALELOV, "General Situated Cognition." Adviser: Jenann Ismael. Awarded in 2010-2011.

KEVIN VALLIER, "Liberal Politics and Public Faith: A Philosophical Reconciliation." Adviser: Gerald Gass. Awarded in 2010-2011.

ROBERT WAGONER, "Curing Human Misery: A Study of Seneca's Moral Philosophy." Adviser: Julia Annas. Awarded in 2010-2011.

Boston College (96) (81) (20)

JOSEPH R. CIONI, "A Breakdown in the Good of Order: An Analysis of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis, Informed by Bernard Lonergan's Notion of the Human Good." Advisers: Patrick H. Byrne, Richard Nielsen, and Frederick Lawrence.

TOBIAS KEILING, "Opened Grounds. Studies on Foundation and Truth in Phenomenology." Advisers: John Sallis, Gtinter Figal, and Jeffrey Bloechl.

RICHARD A. LYNCH, "The Art of Governing: The Critical Ethics of Michel Foucault." Advisers: James Bernauer, David Rasmussen, and Amy Allen.

NOAH MOSS BRENDER, "The Meaning of Life: A Merleau-Pontian Investigation of How Living Bodies Make Sense." Advisers: Jeffrey Bloechl, David Morris, and Patrick H. Byrne.

ANDRES PEREZ-CARRASCO, "Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology of Painting, Gestalt, and Reversibility." Advisers: John Sallis and Jeffrey Bloechl

ELIZABETH B. PURCELL, "Flourishing Bodies: Disability, Virtue, Happiness." Advisers: Richard Kearney, Marina McCoy, and Patrick H. Byrne.

MATTHEW A. ROBINSON, "The Early Thirteenth-Century Latin-Augustinian Reception of the Peripatetic Agent Intellect and the Historical Constitution of the Self." Advisers: Jean-Luc Solere, Eileen Sweeney, Stephen F. Brown, and Timothy B. Noone.


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