Academic journal article Canada-United States Law Journal

Economic Recovery in the Canada-United States Relationship

Academic journal article Canada-United States Law Journal

Economic Recovery in the Canada-United States Relationship

Article excerpt

Speaker--R. Richard Newcomb

Speaker--J. Michael Robinson

Moderator--David Crane

United States Speaker--Hon. James Blanchard

Canadian Speaker--Hon. James S. Peterson, P.C.


MR. UJCZO: In order to introduce our first speaker today it is my great pleasure to introduce Rick Newcomb of DLA Piper, (1) who will in turn introduce Governor Blanchard.

MR. NEWCOMB: Ladies and gentlemen, Governor Blanchard, Mr. Peterson, Mr. Crane, it is indeed my pleasure to be here and to have the great honor to introduce my partner, colleague, and friend Jim Blanchard. It is a particular pleasure for me, as an alumnus of the law school, that I was able to bring this fine gentleman together with this great institution, so it is truly a double pleasure. Jim Blanchard of Michigan has quite a distinguished career. He was a four-term member of the United States Congress, had two terms as governor in landslide elections, was United States ambassador to Canada, and did all this before he was fifty. (2) He then went to practice in Washington, D.C. He is a practice group leader and head of government affairs at DLA Piper, where he has a very active practice. (3) He is a board member of a number of companies, including Chrysler. (4) Jim was largely responsible for recruiting me to come to DLA Piper.

I have a great story to tell you. In making the decision to go to DLA Piper, I consulted one person, so help me God, this is true, Henry King. He offered two views. He first said you will be leaving a smaller, more intimate firm that has a Southeastern focus, and you will miss the charm and grace, and you will be joining this behemoth. And then he said, the upside, however, is that you will get to work with Jim Blanchard.

When I asked Jim if he would be interested in participating in this body as being the co-head of the Canada-United States Law Institute, he was delighted, and he accepted immediately. It was a great pleasure for him to say yes.

We have a very active Canadian practice and it is growing. For example, Jim and I will be going to Montreal to participate in the Canadian Corporate Counsel Meeting. Jim has many clients in Canada, and we spend many days just talking about our Canadian business. It is with particular pleasure that Jim has joined us. Thank you, Jim, and we are glad to have you.

MR. BLANCHARD: Thank you.


J. Michael Robinson

MR. UJCZO: And, now, it is my privilege to introduce Michael Robinson of Fasken Martineau in Toronto, (5) who will introduce Minister Peterson.

MR. ROBINSON: Thank you, Dan. It is my pleasure to introduce Jim Peterson. I am not going to read you all of his many accomplishments, but the one that stands out always in my mind is that he is the second longest serving federal parliamentarian in Canadian history, twenty-three years. (6) Only Sir John A. Macdonald, the first prime minister of the country, was in Parliament longer. (7) Jim was the minister of international trade,8 and he had a wonderful title called the secretary for international financial institutions, (9) which involved a lot more than that, too. Jim has always been a people person. He has always been open to new ideas, and I would like to give you just three personal anecdotes about that. There is one new idea, however, he has never been open to and that is abolishing the Wheat Board. We have in the audience Richard O. Cunningham, counsel for the Canadian Wheat Board for many, many years, who has successfully defended fourteen attacks on the legitimacy of that institution by the United States' Department of Commerce. (10) Jim Peterson was famed for having walked out on Bob Zelek in the Geneva Ministerial Meeting when Mr. Zelek demanded the abolition of the Wheat Board. That was a negotiation in the Doha Round--2005 I think it was, Jim. That shows you how long the Doha Round has been grinding on. …

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