Introduction to International and European Sports Law

Article excerpt

Robert C R Siekmann 2012 TMC Asser Press The Hague The Netherlands Hard Back Pages 419 + XI ISBN 978-90-6704-852-1 price [euro]139,05

This new Book by Prof Dr Robert Siekmann, who really needs no introduction, is a very welcome addition to the International Sports Law literature, for much of which sports lawyers and academics alike around the world have to thank Rob for his various initiatives and contributions, especially his pioneering editorship of 'The International Sports Law Journal' and various Books in the 'Asser International Sports Law Series' (of which the present Book is one of them) and his organisation of 'Round Tables' for the presentation and discussion of topical and controversial Sports Law issues, in his capacity as Founder and Director of the TMC Asser Instituut International Sports Law Centre in The Hague - the legal capital of the world.

The Book, although selective as its sub-title 'Capita Selecta' suggests, covers a wide range of interesting topics, which include: the 'specificity' of sporting rules and regulations; the collective selling of TV rights (in this connection, it may be noted that the English FA Premier League have recently sold their live TV rights for the seasons 2013 -2016 for a record sum of [pounds sterling]3bn!); other EU aspects; sports betting; sport and nationality; sport and politics (which are not supposed to mix!), particularly the fascinating and thorny subject of sporting boycotts; the universal and continuing problem of doping; and, of course, a great deal on the subject of the world's favourite and most lucrative sport, association football (soccer), including the social dialogue in the European Professional football sector, the legal issues raised by professional football transfers and the premature unilateral breach of players' contracts and how to compensate them (Webster, Matuzalem and De Sanctis cases) and fighting football hooliganism in Europe.

The Book also includes the full text of Rob Siekmann's Inaugural Lecture of 10 June, 2011 delivered in the capacity of his recent appointment as Professor of International and European Sports Law at the School of Law of Erasmus University Rotterdam. …


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