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This is the decennial jubilee issue of ISLJ over the period 2002-2011. That means 258 articles, 55 conference papers, 148 opinions, 42 book reviews et alia (please, see also the Indexes (contents, authors, subjects) which are reproduced at the end of this issue. In the first years ISLJ appeared three times annually (about 30/40 pages per issue). As from 2004 it gradually grew from approximately 90 pages to 180 pages per double issue. Authors from almost all regions and continents of the world delivered their views in ISLJ. In this context it is striking to note that Africa and the Arab world are still nearly absent in sports law. A large contribution to ISLJ which is the official journal of the ASSER International Sports Law Centre (AISLC) in The Hague, the so-called "Legal Capital of the World", and now also of the Hague International Sports Law Academy (HISLAC or HISLA[c]) which was established last year at the international Lex Sportiva Conference in Djakarta (Indonesia) and of which the next Conference is planned to take place in New Delhi in cooperation with Sports Law India (Prof. Amaresh Kumar) on Comparative Sports Law (with an emphasis on the Asian region), was made by Prof. Ian Blackshaw who is now a honorary member of the Editorial Board. We are also in particular proud of the fact that the two "doyens" of International (global) and European Sports Law, Prof. Jim Nafziger (USA) and Prof. Steve Weatherill (United Kingdom) respectively regularly and spontaneously offered their valuable insights for publication in ISLJ. Over the years, ISLJ reported on the "deeds" of the AISLC with regard to its book publications series and in the form of pre-publications from book contributions many of which are compilations of Europe-wide and worldwide country studies on a particular topical subject of the undertaking of EU-commissioned applied-research studies and reports; and of the organization of seminars and conferences at home and abroad and their results. …


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