Law & Sports in India by Mukul Mudgal 2011 Lexisnexis Butterworths Wadhwa Nagpur India Hardback

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Law & Sports in India by Mukul Mudgal 2011 Lexisnexis Butterworths Wadhwa Nagpur India Hardback Pages 683 + XV ISBN: 978-81-8088-609-1 Price 995 Rupees

In the last decade or so, India has burst onto the world stage, not only as the world's largest democracy, but also as a leading economic power, being a member of the so-called BRICS countries. India has also been a country in which sport and its practice have been recognised since ancient times. In fact, sport in India has signified 'a way of realising the potential of the body to its fullest.' The synonym of sport is 'Dehvada' - 'one of the ways to full realization.' India has hosted major sporting events, such as the Commonwealth Games in 2010 - not, one must add, without some well-publicised controversies and difficulties! - and is the home of the highly successful - and also very lucrative - Indian Premier League in Cricket!

Writing in the Foreword to this Book, Soli Sorabjee, a Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of India and a former Attorney General of India, describes a Book, such as the present one, on India Sports Law as "the need of the hour". And I would agree with him that this Book is indeed timely and welcome, and I would also congratulate the Author, Mukul Mudgal, who is the Chief Justice of the High Court of Punjab and Haryana, on satisfying this need and also finding the time in his busy professional life to do so!

The Book is comprehensive and, after a thought-provoking Introductory Chapter reviewing the 'Sports Scenario in India Today' goes on to deal with a wide range of legal issues relating to sport, including, the role of the State in sport; gender issues; doping, which the Author describes as 'the plague of sports', sports betting, which is certainly an issue in India, technically illegal but worth millions; sports broadcasting, a very important topic now that sport is a significant part of the global entertainment industry; labour and contractual issues; sport as a business; taxation; and last, but by no means least, dispute resolution, a subject particularly dear to your reviewer's heart! …


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