International and European Sports Law Course: School of Law, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Article excerpt

Lecturer: Prof. Dr R.C.R. Siekmann

Structure: ten 2-hour interactive lectures

Assessment: paper (10 pages) and oral exam

Preknowledge: basic knowledge of public international and EU law

Period: 2011/2012


The world of sport also has its own international rules and procedures. This, coupled with the further professionalization and commercialisation of top-level sport, has led increasingly to tension and friction with general international (and national) legal standards. The application and applicability of such standards in relation to professional top-level sport in particular is the central theme of the current problems in this area. Some examples may illustrate this. In the field of EU law the central question is whether the specificity of sport is such that exceptions to that law (the four freedoms, fair competition) can be tolerated in relation to the legal status of unions, clubs and sportspersons. The applicability of the human rights treaties (ECHR, ICCPR) comes into play in relation to the disciplinary proceedings against the sportsperson suspected of doping. In the area of dispute settlement at international level within this context particular consideration must be given to the position adopted by the International Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Course aims

The course provides an overview of the major themes in the field of international and European sports law (capita selecta). …


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