Academic journal article ABA Banking Journal

You Do the Deeds, Now Add the Words

Academic journal article ABA Banking Journal

You Do the Deeds, Now Add the Words

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The tag line for this month's cover story could be: "We're better than you think we are." That's a little flip, but the truth is, even in small markets where "everybody knows everything," many people aren't aware of the scope of work, involvement, and support that local banks bring to the community. Not just charitable contributions, but the many good things that the business of banking makes possible, as described so well by Jeff Plagge in his column on page 4.

Equally true is that even in small communities, the impact of negative headlines cannot be underestimated or ignored.

Ultimately, it's policymakers and the people who influence them who need to know more about what banks do.

To paraphrase Plato, "When I hear a man speak, I compare the man and his words and note the correspondence of them." It's not only a wise philosopher that does that. Everybody does it whenever they hear a person speak about themselves or on behalf of an organization.

But here's the thing: bankers do in fact walk the walk, to use a more recent expression. And because they do, they can feel comfortable talking about it.

The whole thrust of ABA's Amplify program, described in the cover story (p. 22), is to amplify the knowledge and understanding of what banks already do, and have always done. It is not an ad campaign; not a clever slogan. Nor is it intended to imply that "no bank and no banker ever made a mistake." What it is intended to do is help convey the fact that banks occupy a very important role in their communities and in the economy.

In today's media-crazed world, people who quietly go about their business, doing worthwhile work, often go unnoticed. …

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