Academic journal article American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

Board of Directors Meeting, July 7-8, 2011, San Antonio, TX

Academic journal article American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

Board of Directors Meeting, July 7-8, 2011, San Antonio, TX

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1. Roll Call

President Rodney A. Carter welcomed the Board and staff members present at the Grand Hyatt at 9:00 a.m. on July 7th. The following board members participated in the discussion: Jeffrey N. Baldwin (Immediate Past President), John A. Bosso (Council of Faculties), J. Chris Bradberry (Council of Deans), Brian L. Crabtree (President-elect), Sudip K. Das (Council of Sections), Shane Desselle (Council of Sections), R. Lee Evans (Council of Deans), Keith N. Herist (Treasurer), Patricia Kroboth (Council of Deans), Lucinda L. Maine (Executive Vice President), Patricia A. Marken (Council of Sections), Gary Matzke (Council of Faculties), John A. Pieper (Speaker of the House), and Virginia "Ginger" Scott (Council of Faculties).

AACP staff included: Jennifer L. Athay, Lynette Bradley-Baker, Daniel J. Cassidy, Melinda D. Colon, Robert "Buzz" Kerr, Will G. Lang, Vincent Lau, Allan L. Lee, Rebecca M. Morgan, Jennifer M. Patton, Cecilia M. Plaza and Sibu Ramamurthy. President Carter gave a special welcome to new staff members Vincent Lau, Vice President for Research and Graduate Education, Emily MacLeod, Meetings Assistant, and Sandy Stutman, Meetings and Governance Programs Assistant.

Guests included Board members-designate: J. Lyle Bootman (President-elect), Cynthia J. Boyle (Speaker-elect), Joseph T. DiPiro (Council of Deans), Denise A. Soltis (Council of Sections), and David P. Zgarrick (Council of Faculties). Robert Bachman, President of the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education, attended as a guest on July 8th. Representatives of the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education attended from noon until 2pm on July 8th, and included Heidi Anderson, ACPE President, Robert Beardsley, ACPE Vice President, ACPE Board members Barbara Burch and Stephanie Gardner. ACPE staff guests included Greg Boyer, Peter Vlasses and Jeff Wadelin.

2. Additions to the Agenda

President Carter called for additions to the agenda. COF Chair John Bosso asked for the opportunity to discuss survey requests from a variety of sources and this was docketed to the agenda for July 8th. President Carter reported that Lee Evans, Lyle Bootman and Ginger Scott will serve as members of a working group to guide the EVP 5-year evaluation process which will commence this fall and deliver a report by April 2012 consistent with requirements in the AACP Bylaws.

3. Conflict of Interest Declaration

President Carter read the conflict of interest statement and requested Board members to identify any real or perceived conflicts of interest with any items on the agenda. It was identified that President Carter and Executive Vice President Maine had a conflict in relation to the naming of the Institutional Transformational Service Award. They agreed to recuse themselves from the relevant discussion and action on that item.

4. Approval of July 2010 Board of Directors Minutes

On MOTION (Evans, Marken) the Board approved minutes of the March 2011 meeting.

5. Report of the Finance Committee--Part 1 FY11

Treasurer Keith Herist and COO Dan Cassidy delivered the Finance Committee Report and led the discussion about financial matters for fiscal years 2011 and 2012.

The Association's financial position continues to grow with a 21% rise in assets from 2010 to 2011 on account of strong program results and the strength of the investment portfolio. Investments grew at a combined rate of over 10% through May 31.

The year-end forecast calls for revenues of $11,643,000 and expenses of $11,238,000 resulting in net revenue of $405,000, which is slightly ahead of the initial annual budget projection. Strong financial performance was the result of across the board increases in programs such as meetings, PharmCAS and PCAT as well as individual membership renewals. All revenue categories met or exceeded budget except in two areas: the Teva grant was deferred one year and the partial funding support for the New Pharmacy Faculty (NPF) research investigators program from AFPE is not expected to be received. …

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