Academic journal article American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

2011 Council of Sections Business Meeting, July 11, 2011, San Antonio, TX

Academic journal article American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

2011 Council of Sections Business Meeting, July 11, 2011, San Antonio, TX

Article excerpt

Call to Order

Chair Trish Marken (UMKC) called the Meeting to Order at 3:33 pm CST.


Following call to order, Trish asked those in attendance to introduce themselves and their role within the COS. Those in attendance included the following: Trish Marken; Denise Soltis; Kathy Webster; Tom Cook; Andy Webster; Tim Welty; Rajan Radhakrishnan; KT Vaughan; Yunting Fu; Sue McGuinness; Amy Knehans; Kathleen McCartney; Carriann Richey-Smith; Gary Mobley; Tim Ives; June F. Johnson; Betsy Sleath; Giresh Gupchup; Betty Chewning; Craig Cox; Lori Duke; Melanie Jordan; Steve Stoner; Sudip Das; Shane Desselle; Steve O'Barr; Leigh Ann Ross, AACP Staff: Jennifer Athay, Melinda Colon, Sandy Stutman, Guests: Renae Chesnut.

Chairs' Comments

Trish opened the meeting with comments that included encouraging members to consider becoming a reviewer for AJPE. In addition, she carried a message from the Board for Section to discuss the frequency of surveys with their members. She asked that Sections speak within their respective committees and councils to encourage attention to excessive surveying and to be cognizant to data that may already exist before developing and distributing surveys.

Prior Minutes

Meeting Minutes from March 2, 2011 Approved unanimously following motion by Shane Desselle and a second by Gary Mobley.

COS Secretary's Report (Koh-Knox): See emailed report.

Jeff Cain, PhD, Chair, Technology in Pharmacy Education and Learning SIG. Discuss TiPEL SIG use of Webinars in providing development and education to members.

Jeff discussed the use of Webinars for providing development sessions, spoke specifically of three offerings made available through an Ad Hoc Webinar Committee that was formed. Offerings averaged 100 attendees, software is available through AACP at no additional cost for up to 500 users. The COS discussed additional potential uses for section programming next year. Jeff shared the process they used to produce a Webinar.

Updates on Section Activities (Section Chairs) (Note-reports will be provided ahead of time so this section is for Q&A only)

Biological Sciences (See report)

Chemistry (See report)


Name change--delayed until section meeting.

Recommendation for Section procedures re people with administrative roles on SIG's and Sections--Discussed and considering by-laws change to address this issue.

EE (See report)

Lib/ER (See report)

Pharmaceutics (See report)

PHPR--discussed that they are looking to improve communication, looking to utilize website to communicate committee issues and proposed resolutions, and possibly incorporate e-voting, working on faculty development related issues.

SAS (See report)

Standing Committee Reports

Nominating Committee

Chair: Sudip Das

Denise Soltis introduced as incoming chair.


Members: Shane Desselle Cindy Koh-Knox

Quorum met

Standing Rules and Resolutions

Chair: Carriann Richey-Smith

Read and reviewed as provided in email. See attached Appendix A. Items of change in 3.4 approved unanimously. Individual items in 3.91 approved unanimously following discussion and verbiage change as recorded on-site and available as posted. …

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