Academic journal article Military Review

Korean Unification: Inevitable Challenges

Academic journal article Military Review

Korean Unification: Inevitable Challenges

Article excerpt


Inevitable Challenges,

Jacques L. Fuqua Jr, Potomac Books

Dulles, VA, 2011, 220 pages, $29.95

IN KOREAN UNIFICATION: Inevitable Challenges, author Jacques L. Fuqua analyzes the challenges brought on by the assumed reunification of North and South Korea, within the existing South Korean economic and governing system. The first part of his book places the current Korean situation into historical context. The second part addresses the obstacles faced in repatriating and assimilating the North with the South. Fuqua's primary focus is on addressing the obstacles facing the repatriation and assimilation of what has become two countries with distinctly different peoples and cultures. In order to integrate the North with the South, he believes the North Korean people will need to be "re-made."

Fuqua provides a broad historical overview of the rich history of the Korean Peninsula, clearly demonstrating that its diverse peoples lacked unification. Unfortunately, other than identifying this hurdle to unification the historical summary provides little substantive value in addressing his thesis. This is a bit perplexing when considering the amount of time committed to providing this perspective.

In addressing the obstacles of integration, the author provides a litany of general data detailing the growing cultural, social, political, economic, educational, and mental/physical health divergence, between the North and South that has taken place over the last 60 years. Through this holistic perspective, he notes that the North Korean domestic situation is increasingly dire while South Koreans continue to flourish. …

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