2013 Editorial

Article excerpt

During 2013 the New Zealand Journal of Psychology (NZJP) has continued to publish material demonstrating the broad range of psychological scholarship, practice and innovation in Aotearoa/New Zealand. We can all be rightfully proud of the sharp intellects, adventurous spirits, and diligent hard workers active within our discipline. It is the task of the Journal S Editorial Board and reviewers to work with authors to ensure that the highest standards of publication are maintained, but we start by thanking the authors for their generosity in disseminating their work. Our journal is a scholarly record and reflection of what we do, of our development as a discipline, and a sharing of local resources and understanding. All contributions are respectfully and carefully considered.

In the three issues published this year you will find 21 papers and a book review. Seven of these papers are part of a Special Section on Counselling Psychology contained in this issue. On behalf of the Editorial Board I would like to thank Rhoda Scherman (Guest Editor), and her co-editors Jackie Feather and Elizabeth du Preez, for compiling this special section. The inclusions of Special Sections within the NZJP have been a useful development. When the Journal was produced in hard copy the financial limits on size meant that large collections of papers would necessarily restrict space for 'regular' papers, thus delaying publication. This made Special Issues a little difficult to manage. Moving to digital publication, with a theoretically limitless issue size, provides more options for producing collections of papers without needing to place restrictions elsewhere. Publishing Special Sections may require additional assistance from the Editorial Board and National Office and (usually) a guest editor, however, the opportunity to gather a body of work on a single topic into one place can be valuable ... the total often being greater than the sum of the parts. We encourage anyone with an idea for a special collection of papers to approach the NZJP with your ideas.

The Journal is also looking to develop its Book Review section. Books reviewed for the Journal must be authored by a New Zealand psychologist, or have a substantial amount of the content contributed by local psychologists, or be on a topic that has substantial and significant relevance to the practice of psychology in Aotearoa/New Zealand. The purpose of the Book Review section is to assist readers in remaining informed about current local resources, and being able to identify psychologists with expertise in particular areas. …


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