Academic journal article Literacy Learning: The Middle Years

The Accident

Academic journal article Literacy Learning: The Middle Years

The Accident

Article excerpt

Title: The accident

Author: Kate Hendrick

Publisher: The Text Publishing Company, 2013


Through the combination of mystery, surprise and suspense, Kate Hendrick's novel The accident incorporates numerous aspects of various genres into a timeless novel aimed at a teenage audience. It demonstrates Hendrick's ability to pinpoint, and ultimately relate to, the current issues and problems that are faced daily by the youth of Australia. It is through Hendrick's ability to sympathise and empathise with the often marginalised and stereotyped young population that this celebrated novel has been created. It is a novel that is rich with underlying messages and embedded with advice and reassurance to its teen readers.

Split in three parts, or rather narrated from the view of three individual teens, The accident is written in such a way that it allows insight into the effects of one accident on three separate families. It also shows the curious way in which lives and fate can be dictated and become intertwined with others as a direct result of one incident. The story alludes to the role of fate in the incident and foregrounds the ideology that we do not always have the ability to control every aspect of our lives. Hendrick suggests that, as humans 'every one of us--who and what we are--is the product of other people's choices as well as our own' (p. …

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