Academic journal article The Science Teacher

Translating the NGSS for Classroom Instruction

Academic journal article The Science Teacher

Translating the NGSS for Classroom Instruction

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By Roger W.

Bybee. $32.95. 194 pp. NSTA Press. Arlington, VA. 2013. ISBN: 9781938946011.

A new, detailed science teaching resource like the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) can overwhelm teachers. Rodger By-bee's Translating the NGSS for Classroom Instruction credibly translates what can seem very complicated into an understandable, usable reference.

The book is a roadmap but won't take you all the way. To actually implement the ideas, much work beyond merely reading the information will be required. This "translation" is surprisingly short at 194 pages, while the original NGSS document runs 532. But this book is only a guide, a manual for reading and using the NGSS and translating the standards into lesson planning. Bybee argues that while standards are important, they alone won't lead to improvements in student achievement.

The book has three sections. The first comprises chapters 1-3 and provides introductory information, covering the NGSS's historical background, a philosophy, connections to the earlier Framework for K-12 Science Education, and tips for navigating the NGSS format. The second section, chapters 4-7, describes the fundamentals for actually using the NGSS in the classroom. Chapter 4 presents a series of questions frequently asked by teachers. The next three chapters look at the implementation processes at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Throughout this section, there are references to the 5E model of instruction (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate).

The third section focuses on the actual "translation" process. …

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