Academic journal article Nine

Diamond Quotes

Academic journal article Nine

Diamond Quotes

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"The only thing now lacking to forever establish base-ball as our national sport is a more liberal encouragement of the amateur element. Professional baseball may have its ups and downs according as its directors may be wise or contrary, but the foundation upon which it all is built, its hold upon the future, is in the amateur enthusiasm for the game. The professional game must always be confined to the larger towns, but every hamlet may have its amateur team, and let us see to it that their games are encouraged."


"The only reason baseball is our national sport, instead of cricket or soccer, is that practically all American males play baseball or its equivalent--stickball on the city streets, softball on the school yards--when they are young. When they grow up they go watch the games, not so much to enjoy the thrill of appreciation that anybody must feel seeing Phil Rizzuto scoop up a grounder and get rid of the ball in one fluid motion, but more because the spectacle restores their youth, warms them with nostalgic memories of the fun they had as kids."


"Maybe a scientific game of ball is worthy of the high esteem in which it seems to be held by numerous fans, but to a man of untrained perception it is about as interesting as to watch a mathematician work out a problem in differential equations on a blackboard."


"It is a grand game, even if it could be a lot better, even if its use of statistics is foggy and its management occasionally dumb, even if the sports writers and the broadcasters tell us little about it that they have not repeated a thousand times. …

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