Academic journal article Military Review

Turning the Tide

Academic journal article Military Review

Turning the Tide

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Ed Offley

Basic Books, Perseus Books Group

New York, 478 pages, $28.99

ED OFFLEY IS a former Naval officer with an extensive background in military reporting. Offley has also authored Scorpion Down: Sunk by the Soviets, Buried by the Pentagon: The Untold Story of the USS Scorpion; Pen and Sword: A Journalist's Guide to Covering the Military; and Lifting the Fog of War (with Admiral William A. Owens, USN).

Turning the Tide traces the evolution of the battle of the Atlantic in World War II as Germany and the Allies vied for control of the North Atlantic. Germany sought to control the North Atlantic to starve Britain and prevent a buildup of Allied forces and supplies in England. The Allies sought control to secure sea lines of communication for movement of people and material for an amphibious assault and land campaign into the heart of Germany. Both antagonists had to battle the North Atlantic's tremendous weather conditions while waging war.

Offley sets a baseline for the reader to understand the conflict by discussing the organizations and capabilities of each force prior to 1943. He discusses a variety of topics for both opponents that blend together to provide a coherent picture of the circumstances that affected the battles at sea, such as adequacy and quantity of their equipment; service culture; laws and legalities; organization; command and control; intelligence; national resource allocation; technological advancements; and action, reaction, and counteraction to each change in the environment. …

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