Academic journal article Australian Aboriginal Studies

Fog a Dox

Academic journal article Australian Aboriginal Studies

Fog a Dox

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Fog a dox

Bruce Pascoe 2012

Magabala Books, Broome, WA, 112pp, ISBN 9781921248559 (pbk)

'Nan, will you read to me before I go to sleep?' And I wonder what the choice will be. When I have read before at bedtime to my granddaughter, she has handed me a book from her collection. It may have been read to her previously by her mother or it may be one she has read to herself but is still a 'good read'. Most of these stories are so different to those I read 74 years ago as an 11 year old--novels by LM Montgomery and Louisa M Alcott, Girls' Own Annual Stories etc.

I find my granddaughter's readings refreshingly new in style, language, dialogue and storyline. With this Bruce Pascoe book I had that wonderful feeling of identifying with the elements of the tale--picture the setting, hear the language and feel the social exchanges as the story unfolds. It puts the mind at rest to know that it is okay to have a dog as your best friend, to talk to your friend and share secrets, and that having a chat is okay too--and then to let this be known to others who secretly feel the same way but are too shy to admit it to all and sundry.

This is a real bush story about a real bushman who leads a solitary and simple life as a timber getter in an Australian forest. …

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