Academic journal article Science Progress

From Our Twitter Feed: @SciProgress

Academic journal article Science Progress

From Our Twitter Feed: @SciProgress

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Sunken volcano and the secret rise and fall of the Hawaiian islands

New research suggesting that the two volcanoes responsible for the formation of the Hawaiian island of Oahu developed on top of an older volcano.

Astronomers identify planet-munching stars

A technique has been developed that allows stars which feed on earth-like rocky planets to be identified.

Biologists identify new neural pathway in eyes

Scientists have established that intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells (ipRGCs) play a role in the detection of the contrast between light and dark, and actually contribute to image perception.

Malaria-immune children and the hunt for a vaccine

In the search for a vaccine against malaria, a group of children have been identified in Tanzania who have a natural immunity to the disease.

Mosquitoes moving into UK cities

Climate change, combined with urban heat island effects and the increasing use of garden water containers, means that many UK cities are becoming ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes, including those species known to transmit malaria.

Storing hydrogen fuel: a new approach

Hydrogen fuel has long been promoted as the way forward in the move away from fossil fuels, but can be difficult and dangerous to store. This report examines a new solid, stable material that can store significant quantities of hydrogen. …

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