Academic journal article Parergon

Books Received

Academic journal article Parergon

Books Received

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Baggerman, Arianne, Publishing Policies and Family Strategies: The Fortunes of a Dutch Publishing House in the 18th and Early 19th Centuries (Library of the Written Word, 32; The HandpressWorld, 24), Leiden, Brill, 2013; hardback; pp. xv, 551; R.R.P. [euro]179.00, US$249.00; ISBN 9789004257948.

Baird, Ileana and Christina Ionescu, eds, Eighteenth-Century Thing Theory in a Global Context: From Consumerism to Celebrity Culture, Farnham, Ashgate, 2013; hardback; pp. 386; 14 color, 27 b/w illustrations; R.R.P. [pounds sterling]75.00; ISBN 9781472413291.

Baker, John, Stuart Brookes, and Andrew Reynolds, eds, Landscapes of Defence in Early Medieval Europe (Studies in the Early Middle Ages, 28), Turnhout, Brepols, 2013; hardback; pp. xviii, 384; 65 b/w illustrations; R.R.P. [euro]100.00; ISBN 9782503529561.

Baker, Nicholas Scott, The Fruit of Liberty: Political Culture in the Florentine Renaissance, 1480-1550 (I Tatti Studies in Italian Renaissance History), Cambridge, MA, Harvard University Press, 2013; hardback; pp. 382; 22 b/w illustrations; R.R.P. US$49.95, [pounds sterling]36.95, [euro]44.95; ISBN 9780674724525.

Barnet, Peter, Michael Brandt, and Gerhard Lutz, eds, Medieval Treasures from Hildesheim, New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2013; paperback; pp. 148; 110 color illustrations; R.R.P. US$24.95; ISBN 9780300196993.

Beadle, Richard, ed., The York Plays: A Critical Edition of the York Corpus Christi Play as recorded in British Library Additional MS 35290, Volume 2 (EETS, Supplementary Series, 24), Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2013; hardback; pp. 600; R.R.P. [pounds sterling]70.00; ISBN 9780199590360.

Benson, Robert L., Law, Rulership, and Rhetoric: Selected Essays, ed. Loren J. Weber with Giles Constable and Richard H. Rouse, Notre Dame, IN, University of Notre Dame Press, 2014; paperback; pp. 408; R.R.P. US$68.00; ISBN 9780268022341.

Betteridge, Thomas, Writing Faith and Telling Tales: Literature, Politics, and Religion in the Work of Thomas More (ReFormations: Medieval and Early Modern), Notre Dame, IN, University of Notre Dame Press, 2013; paperback; pp. 272; R.R.P. US$38.00; ISBN 9780268022396.

Biller, Peter and A. J. Minnis, eds, Handling Sin: Confession in the Middle Ages (1998) (York Studies in Medieval Theology, 2), Woodbridge and Rochester, York Medieval Press/Boydell, 2013; paperback; pp. 230; R.R.P. [pounds sterling]19.99; ISBN 9781903153482.

Bitton-Ashkelony, Brouria and Lorenzo Perrone, eds, Between Personal and Institutional Religion: Self, Doctrine, and Practice in Late Antique Eastern Christianity (Cultural Encounters in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, 15), Turnhout, Brepols, 2013; hardback; pp. viii, 348; R.R.P. [euro]100.00; ISBN 9782503541310.

Boes, Maria R., Crime and Punishment in Early Modern Germany: Courts and Adjudicatory Practices in Frankfurt am Main, 1562-1696, Farnham, Ashgate, 2013; hardback; pp. 292; 3 b/w illustrations; R.R.P. [pounds sterling]65.00; ISBN 9781409431473.

Boulton, Maureen B. M., trans., Piety and Persecution in the French Texts of England (Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies, 420; French of England Translation Series, 6), Tempe, ACMRS, 2013; hardback; pp. xii, 220; R.R.P. US$64.00; ISBN 9780866984683.

Bromilow, Pollie, ed., Authority in European Book Culture 1400-1600 (Material Readings in Early Modern Culture), Farnham, Ashgate, 2013; hardback; pp. 244; 6 b/w illustrations; R.R.P. [pounds sterling]55.00; ISBN 9781472410108.

Bubalo, Borde, Pragmatic Literacy in Medieval Serbia (Utrecht Studies in Medieval Literacy, 29), Turnhout, Brepols, 2014; hardback; pp. xxvi, 428; 38 b/w illustrations, 2 b/w line art; R.R.P. [euro]100.00; ISBN 9782503549613.

Burt, Richard and Julian Yates, What's the Worst Thing You Can Do to Shakespeare?, New York, Palgrave Macmillan USA, 2013; paperback; 19 b/w illustrations; R.R.P. US$54.95; ISBN 9781137270498. …

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