Academic journal article Economic Inquiry

Economic Inquiry 2013 Editor's Report

Academic journal article Economic Inquiry

Economic Inquiry 2013 Editor's Report

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Volume 51 of Economic Inquiry, published in 2013, includes 127 papers in a wide variety of fields of interest to a broad readership. This number of papers exceeds that of previous volumes, owing to a backlog of papers that resulted from submissions growing, coupled with a steady acceptance rate. That backlog is cleared, and now we are generally publishing papers within a year of acceptance, and often in much less time.

Since my last report, there have been a number of changes among the editors. Darren Lubotsky, Cedric Tille, Marianne Bitler, Antonio Rangel, Gian Clementi, and Jeff Borland have each stepped down for a variety of reasons. I have appointed Lars Lefgren of Brigham Young and Bruce McGough of the University of Oregon as general co-editors. William Branch of UC-Irvine has joined as a specialized co-editor for Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) Modeling and Bounded Rationality; Keith Maskus of Colorado has joined as a specialized co-editor for International Trade and Development and Intellectual Property Rights; and Robert Simmons of Lancaster University joined as a specialized co-editor in the area of Sports Economics.

Last year was a banner year, with 561 submissions. This continues year to year growth in virtually every year since 2000, and this last year also marks an all-time high, which is over three times that of 2000 (Table 1). And, recent numbers suggest that submissions are even higher (year to date) as those of a year ago, suggesting that the trends will continue.

The submissions cover the breadth of economics, including articles in both microeconomic and macroeconomic topics, as well as a balance of theoretical and empirical papers. There were 480 standard submissions (85.5%), 74 no-revision submissions (13.2%), and 7 Miscellany submissions (1.5%). The no-revisions option appears to have fallen somewhat, but many like the policy, and it remains a viable and popular option for many authors.

Table 1 also provides detailed information on 2013 submissions. There were a total of 472 completed decisions, with 49 acceptances and an associated acceptance rate of 10.4%. The days to first decision for 2013 stands at 76 days, which is slightly higher than is preferable, but recent changes have improved this statistic considerably. In January, I introduced a policy wherein I send monthly statement to the co-editors. I also provide recent information on submissions, time to first decision, acceptance rates, and so forth. These help to increase consistency among the co-editors and also to apprise them of papers that are stalled, that is, waiting for a decision, waiting for referees, and so forth. My reading of the data suggests that the time from submission to decision has fallen, and fallen dramatically.

In 2013, there were 127 papers published. As Economic Inquiry is a general journal, I continue to solicit papers in all fields, and continue the long tradition of soliciting papers that have a strong focus, make substantial contributions, and are of interest to specialists and non-specialists. These principles, of course, are long standing at Economic Inquiry. I also note that Economic Inquiry has, and has had for some time, strong submissions in specific fields, notably health, sports, and experimental economics. I have been attempting to build coverage of international trade, and I think those efforts have been successful. I am presently working on further developing industrial organization and competition policy, as well as environmental, poverty, DSGE modeling, and the economics of publishing. To accomplish this, I am working with specialized co-editors to develop symposia in their areas, and with primary authors in these specific areas to develop papers that are germane and papers that point to emerging research questions. The first of the symposia is a collection put together by Ted Bergstrom on the economics of publishing. I currently plan to publish resulting papers in the October issue. …

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