Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Phronesis Vol. 59, No. 4, 2014

Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Phronesis Vol. 59, No. 4, 2014

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Why the Cosmos Needs a Craftsman: Plato, Timaeus 27d5-29b1, THOMAS KJELLER JOHANSEN

In his opening speech, Timaeus argues that the cosmos must be the product of a craftsman looking to an eternal paradigm. Yet his premises seem at best to justify only that the world could have been made by such a craftsman. This paper seeks to clarify Timaeus's justification for his stronger conclusion. It is argued that Timaeus sees a necessary role for craftsmanship as a cause that makes becoming like being.

The Underlying Argument of Aristotle's Metaphysics Z.3, JERRY GREEN

This paper argues that Aristotle's Metaphysics Z.3 deploys a reductio against the claim that substances underlie by being the subjects of predication, in order to demonstrate the need for a new explanation of how substances underlie. Z. 13 and H. 1 corroborate this reading: both allude to an argument originally contained in Z.3, but now lost from our text, that form, matter and compound "underlie" in different ways. This helps explain some of Z's peculiarities--and it avoids committing Aristotle to self-contradiction about whether matter is substance, a claim denied in the reductio but endorsed elsewhere.

An Absurd Accumulation: Metaphysics M.2, 1076b11-36, EMILY KATZ

The opening argument in the Metaphysics M.2 series targeting separate mathematical objects has been dismissed as flawed and half-hearted. …

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