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Achieve Elite Status

Academic journal article Journal of Accountancy

Achieve Elite Status

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Mark Divine was a driven, accomplished Manhattan CPA when he shifted into his second career as a Navy SEAL. In his Wall Street Journal best-seller The Way of the SEAL, Divine shares lessons and insights from his distinctive viewpoint as a businessman, trainer, and former commander on SEAL Team One. Following are 10 principles firms can apply toward building a winning team:

* Find your 20X factor. We drastically sell ourselves short on what we can achieve in a single day, Divine says. It was during repeated bouts of bone-chilling surf torture in his early SEAL training that his instructor initiated him into the 20X worldview: You are capable of at least 20 times what you think you are. Challenge yourself to up your game and start breaking free of perceived limitations.

* Strive with an uncommon desire to succeed. The game is won or lost before it begins, Divine says, and by aligning yourself with this component of the SEAL ethos--a SEAL is a common man with an uncommon desire to succeed--you will ignite the team into a state of thought and action that will not be denied.

* Always think offense. Playing defense--or passively hoping for the best outcome--is antithetical to the SEAL mindset. Instead, scan the field, prepare contingency plans, then take action at the first sign of opportunity. Bring it on!

* Breathe like a warrior. Operating at peak levels in high-stress environments is crucial to the successful warrior, whether on the battlefield or in the workplace. Box breathing, writes Divine, will help you stay calm and focused. A few minutes of deeply inhaling to a four count and exhaling to a four count releases tension, engenders emotional control, and rivets you powerfully into the present moment. …

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