Academic journal article Phi Delta Kappan

Who Uses Student Data?

Academic journal article Phi Delta Kappan

Who Uses Student Data?

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Most personal student information stays local. Districts, states, and the federal government all collect dat< about students for important purposes like informing instruction and providing information to the public. But the type of data collected, and who can access them, is different at each point. From schools to the U.S. Department of Education, see how student data are--and are not--accessed and used.

1. Data are used in classroom and schools to make changes in instruction and decide what students need to increase learning.

2. Districts use the data they collect from school to make decisions about what resources each school needs to support its Students. They send a small amount of the data that they called to the state department of education.

3. States use the data to measure how districts are meeting goals for students, provide tools back to districts to inform instruction, assess how state funds are improving education, and provide aggregate information to the public.

4. The US dept receives the least data of all. States send it a small amount of aggregate data, and it uses them to provide information to the public about how all districts are performing. It also uses them to measure how federal funds are helping to improve education.

What are the types of data?


Information that can be used to identify individual students


Information about individual students, but with identifying information removed


Information about groups of students without any identifying information

Parents have access to information about their own children, using it to help them learn. …

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