Academic journal article New Zealand International Review


Academic journal article New Zealand International Review


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The January/February issue of the NZIR on security (vol 40, no 1) contains a disturbing anomaly which raises concerns about the framework of our security analysis. While climate change is addressed by Vikas Kumar, it is virtually ignored by all other writers.

Vikas Kumar, in addressing the perils of island nations, states: 'the looming climate crisis has completely altered the nature of their problems at a time when the international system is itself unstable' and refers to 'the never-ending climate change negotiations and the doubtful efficacy of belated implementation of adaptation/mitigation solutions'.

These are not issues that affect only the Pacific Islands: the environmental issues affect nearly all countries, particularly those that have highly populated coastal areas, those dependent on a fragile agriculture, and those that will be affected by the destabilising of neighbouring countries. This is an issue that has been recognised as a major threat by President Obama, the US Defense Department, the World Bank, the World Economic Forum and the United Nations.

The instability and ineffectiveness of the international system, which is demonstrated by the climate change negotiations, reflects on virtually all our security issues.

In this context, the lack of attention to these matters by the other writers presents a major concern, particularly as they claim to be taking a broad view of security. …

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