Academic journal article Fontes Artis Musicae

Treasurer's Report

Academic journal article Fontes Artis Musicae

Treasurer's Report

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Income from Branch memberships for this year was on target. One Branch did not pay in 2013, but they have paid in early 2014. The income from non-Branch members was higher than predicted. This was not caused by a rise in membership numbers, but because several members made late payments.

I would like to thank all the national treasurers and membership secretaries for their help and efforts during the year; I understand how difficult it can be to get accurate information to me, especially if there has been a change of personnel during the year. Your efforts are very much appreciated. All Branches are invited to be punctual with sending their dues and membership lists, as the budget forecasts rely on payments being made on time, and correct addresses mean that extra postage costs are not incurred from re-sending Fontes to new addresses, or from sending Fontes to addresses of lapsed members.

Dues should be paid by 1st March each year, and a current list of members should be sent to the Treasurer from each Branch by the same date. This is so that the correct addresses are available for sending out the first issue of Fontes.

Membership in 2013 has gone down notably (minus 65) and it looks like this trend goes on in 2014. This might be caused by late effects of the economic crisis in Europe. The Board will talk to the representatives of National Branches and try to find out what could be done to improve the situation. Nevertheless the Board suggests to keep membership dues stable in 2016. Institutional dues will remain at 68 [euro] and individual dues at 41 [euro].

Income of Royalties was added to the budget as we expect those to become a notable position within the budget.

Expenditure was less than budgeted. Savings were made again in amounts claimed for office expenses and in membership dues. Many thanks to those who helped reduce spending in these areas. But some expenditure was postponed to 2014 (Web editor + assistant), so that it will appear in next year's budget and report.

A PayPal account has been opened that is especially useful for overseas members. As PayPal charges a percentage of the amount paid it is only useful for transactions with small amounts (e.g. payments for single members or orders of Fontes back issues).

I am grateful to the auditors Verena Funtenberger and Andreas Linne (both from Essen, Germany) for spending a day with me checking and discussing the statement of income and expenditures.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank my predecessor Kathy Adamson for all her support and the time she has spent and still spends to talk about the questions I have.

Thomas Kalk, Treasurer

July 2014


A. RECEIPTS              [euro]      Membership
                                   Institutional   Personal   Total


Australia              2,294.40              22         33      55
Austria                1,435.20              26          1      27
Canada                 2,485.60              31         38      69
Croatia                  364.00               7          0       7
Czech Republic           581.73              12          0      12
Denmark                1,924.00              25         20      45
Estonia                  291.20              10          2      12
Finland                3,068.00              53         10      63
France (2013)          4,464.00              54         15      69
Germany                10,025.60            155         65     220
Hungary                  603.20              11          1      12
Italy                  5,324.80              76         44     120
Japan                  2,797.60              19         57      76
Netherlands            2,745.60              49          9      58
New Zealand              832.00              10         10      20
Norway                 3,380.00              47         30      77
Russia                   468. … 
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