Academic journal article Fontes Artis Musicae

Hungary / Magyarorszag

Academic journal article Fontes Artis Musicae

Hungary / Magyarorszag

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The Hungarian National Branch has 18 members (11 institutional, 4 individual and 3 honorary). The 11 institutions and one of the individuals are also members of the international association.

Our President is Julianna Gocza (AIBM Magyar Nemzeti Csoport); the Secretary is Dr. Balazs Mikusi (Orszagos Szechenyi Konyvtar, Budapest), and the Treasurer is Andrea Sarkozi (Orszagos Idegennyelvu Konyvtar, Budapest).

Last year the board had three meetings to discuss the following main topics:

* preparation for the general assembly

* tasks of organization, applications, budget calculations related to the R projects

* preparation for the 3rd module of the music-specific course for librarians

Our general assembly was held on 10 April 2014 in the Music Collection of National Library of Foreign Literature, with the participation of 13 of our members. The 2013 professional and financial reports were accepted, and a few colleagues gave lavishly illustrated presentations about their study trip to Vienna in December 2013.

Constitutional matters

In 2013, our organization successfully complied with the legal requirements dictated by the revised Civil Law (No. CLXXV of 2011). The new financial and administrative rules were also observed in our official reports, which were submitted to the National Office for the Judiciary, and are also available on our website. In accordance with our new statutes the branch now includes a national and an international division.


We have taken significant steps to expand our international connections. It should be viewed as an outstanding success that no fewer than eight of our colleagues were able to represent Hungary at the 1AML conference in Vienna. Our trip was made possible by a grant from the National Cultural Fund. Two scholars of the younger generation, Dr. Balazs Mikusi and Dr. Ferenc Janos Szabo, contributed to the program with papers that were received favorably by the international audience. In December, four more members were able to make a threeday study trip to Vienna thanks to the generous support of the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

We have made great efforts to share the experiences gathered during the Vienna 1AML conference with the larger professional public.

On 2 September 2013, the Music Collection of the National Szechenyi Library hosted an event in where Hajnalka Hanvay, Rita Kaizinger, Mate Mesterhazi, Balazs Mikusi, Andrea Sarkozi, Ferenc Janos Szabo and Ferencne Szabo reported about the Vienna conference to other members of the branch through brief presentations and an informal conversation moderated by Julianna Gocza.

On 17-18 October 2013, the music division of the Association of Hungarian Librarians held a meeting at Szekszard, where the Hungarian branch of 1AML reported on its activities, including discussion of the recent annual conference in Vienna.

On 21 November 2013, in the Research Library of the Liszt University of Music, we held a festive joint meeting together with the music division of the Association of Hungarian Librarians. Julianna Gocza presented an overview of our Viennese experiences, and the Hungarian presentations of the 1AML conference were repeated for the local audience in Hungarian: Balazs Mikusi spoke of Joseph Haydn's music collection (Joseph Haydn kottagyujtemenye), while Ferenc Janos Szabo gave an introduction to the New Research Group for 20th-21st Century Hungarian Music (Kerdesek es lehetosegek egy "lenduletes" archivumban). After the presentations toasts were given for the 80th birthdays of two influential colleagues: Ferenc Gyimes and Veronika Vavrinecz.

Our member institutions organized numerous programs in an effort to attract a wider audience: popular event, scholarly events, and musical competitions, as well as diverse exhibitions. Many libraries run clubs, the arguably most popular among these being the Circle of the Friends of Jazz in Debrecen. …

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