Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Doctoral Dissertations

Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Doctoral Dissertations

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University of Alberta (44) (44) (17)

ANDREW BALL, "Virtue in Context." Adviser: Bruce Hunter.

HASSAN MASOUD, "The Epistemology of Natural Deduction." Adviser: Bernard Linsky.

KRISTIN RODIER, "Habits of Resistance: Feminism, Phenomenology, and Temporality." Adviser: Cressida Heyes.

CHARLES RODGER, "The Proofs of God in Hegel's System." Adviser: Robert Burch.

University of Arizona (59) (54) (28)

KEITH HANKINS, "Embracing Moral Luck." Adviser: David Schmidtz.

CHAD VAN SCHOELANDT, "Justification and Social Morality." Adviser: Gerald Gaus.

University of Arkansas (25) (25) (10)

DANNY MARRERO, "Everyone Knew He Did It, But He Was Not Condemned!: Knowledge and Knowledge Attributions in Legal Contexts." Adviser: Jack Lyons.

JOSHUA DANIEL, "Wittgenstein's Liberating Word: A Meditation on Philosophy and God." Adviser: Edward Minar.

Binghamton University (36) (36) (14)

CARLOS CORTISSOZ MORA, "Psychology of the State, Politics of the Soul: A Study of Plato's City-Soul Analogy." Adviser: Anthony Preus.

SHONI RANCHER, "Kierkegaard and Nietzsche: Tragicomedy, the Double Demands of Ethics, and Ethical Communication." Adviser: Robert Guay.

NATHAN SCHMIDT, "Moral Agency and Empathy." Adviser: Eric Dietrich.

Boston College (80) (67) (20)

EMMANUEL BUEYA BU-MAKAYA, S.J., "Stability in Africa: Indeterminacy and Credence." Adviser: David Rasmussen.

EVAN CLARKE, "Kant, Husserl, and Analyticity." Adviser: Andrea Staiti.

COLIN CONNORS, "The Early Modern Debate on the Problem of Matter's Divisibility: A Neo-Aristotelian Solution." Adviser: Jean-Luc Solere.

GUSTAVO GOMEZ PEREZ, "Gesture and Art in Heidegger and Merleau-Ponty." Adviser: John Sallis.

JOSEPH M. HAGGARTY, "The Principle of Individuation According to St.

Thomas Aquinas: An Interpretation In Embryo." Adviser: Eileen Sweeney.

MICHAEL JAEGER SMITH, "Imagination, Authority, and Community in Spinoza's Theological Political Treatise." Adviser: Jean-Luc Solere.

Boston University (45) (45) (19)

IAN BLAUSTEIN, "Conscience, Moral Motivation, and Self-Deception." Adviser: Aaron Garrett.

JASON McCULLOUGH, "Constancy and the Calm Passions in Hume's Treatise." Adviser: Aaron Garrett.

BRIAN JULIAN, "The Source of Life: Activity, Capacity, and Biology an Aristotle's Account of Soul." Adviser: David Roochnik.

Bowling Green State University (36) (26) (7)

JEANNE KUSINA, "Seduction, Coercion, and an Exploration of Embodied Freedom." Adviser: Donald Callen.

MARK WELLS, "Value, Well-Being, and the Meaning of Life." Adviser: Michael Weber.

ELIJAH WEBER, "Resentment and Morality." Adviser: Michael Weber.

University of British Columbia (33) (33) (23)

ALIRIO ROSALES, "The Narrative Structure of Scientific Reasoning." Advisers: John Beatty and Sally Otto.

TAYLOR DAVIS, "The Evolution of Religion and the Evolution of Culture." Adviser: Eric Margolis.

S. ANDREW INKPEN, "Denaturing Nature: Philosophical and Historical Reflections on the Artificial-Natural Distinction in the Life Sciences." Adviser: John Beatty.

JAMIE HELLEWELL, "Political Freedom: A Defence of Natural Rights Republicanism." Adviser: Paul Russell.

C. TYLER DESROCHES, "The World as a Garden: A Philosophical Analysis of Natural Capital in Economics." Adviser: Margaret Schabas.

SONIA MEMETEA, "Simpson's Paradox in Epistemology and Decision Theory." Adviser: Paul Bartha.

Brown University (28) (28) (14)

TIMOTHY SYME, "Everyday Life and Demands of Justice." Adviser: David Estlund.

University at Buffalo (51) (32) (20)

STEPHANIE RIVERA BERRUZ, "The Quest for Recognition: The Case of Latin American Philosophy." Adviser: Jorge Gracia.

ADAM TAYLOR, "Four-Dimensional & Well-Being. …

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